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Winners Announced: Build an Incredible HTML5 App: $7000 Competition

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Read Time: 8 mins

After a week of deliberation by a handful of select reviewers, we've narrowed the dozens of submissions down to the top three winners! Trust me, when I tell you that it was not an easy decision. Let's see who won!

3rd Place: devZor.project

devZorCreated By: Gjore Sazdovski

devZor.project is the only to-do list a developer ever needs! It provides you with the freedom to manage your tasks in a different way. I’m sure you've used a lot of these task management solutions, but in my opinion, they were always either too simple and feature-less or too advanced and hard to find your way around. As such, I created something different, something that focuses on the every day tasks of a developer and/or freelancer.

2nd Place: JCanvasMap

JCanvasMapJCanvasMapJCanvasMapCreated By: Miralem Drek

This is an insanely detailed map, with click-points, built entirely with Canvas. A full demo is coming soon!

Grand Prize Winner: Dweamer

DweamerCreated By: Jesse Weed

Dweamer is an HTML5 “theme builder” for Dreamweaver. It allows you to easily create themes that change the appearance of Dreamweaver’s code view. If you’ve ever tried to edit the Dreamweaver color scheme on your own, you know what a pain it can be (and if you haven’t, you’re not missing much). But, Dweamer makes easy work of a task that used to take several hours. And since Dweamer allows you to save themes, you can come back and edit them at any time, or quickly switch to a different theme whenever you like (without having to start from scratch every time).

Congratulations, Guys!

Job well done to Jesse, Miralem, and Gjore. We'll be in touch with you later this week to arrange your prizes!

To those of you who entered, and did not, please keep in mind that this was a very close competition. Up until the last few hours, we were deciding between the top six. Nonetheless, many of these items will be featured on CodeCanyon, and in an upcoming round-up on Nettuts+.

As HTML5's popularity continues to increase, we at Tuts+ and CodeCanyon would like to do our part in promoting and rewarding those who are on the cutting edge of what's possible with HTML5, local storage, geolocation, SVG, and CSS3. Not only that, but we're also, at the conclusion of this competition, launching a brand new category on our coding marketplace, CodeCanyon, specifically for HTML5 apps.

We have $7000 worth of prizes from some of the most respected companies in our industry, but the creators of the best items will also profit by selling their HTML apps on CodeCanyon. Authors: you have one month to prepare the coolest, cutting edge HTML5 app that you're capable of. What prizes are we offering??

I'm pleased to announce that I can personally recommend every single one of the following sponsors who offered items and services to this competition. We wouldn't promote them if we didn't feel that way!

2 Runners-Up Prizes

How Does it Work?

The rules are quite simple. Using HTML5 technologies (and feel free to throw in some CSS3 goodness while you're at it), we want you to build a cutting edge app. It could be similar to something along the lines of:

  • The recent HTML5 presentation app
  • An awesome cross-browser HTML5 video player, with full screen support, Flash fallback, etc.
  • A kick-ass to-do list with offline storage support.
  • An HTML5 website that people would swear was created with Flash
  • etc.

Feel free to combine all modern technologies when building your item, including HTML5, geolocation, offline storage, CSS3, SVG, and any other acronym that is applicable to your project. Once you have finished building your "app," -- and you have a month to make it -- return to this page, where there will be a contest submission form to fill out.

Most Importantly: We want you to build an item that people will actually use. Particle effects are great, but unless you have an argument for why others would have a need for your particle item in their project, it most likely won't be in the running for the grand prize spot. Think wide-spread, when building your app. A presentation app is wide-spread, video players are wide-spread. Use your imagination!

Selling on CodeCanyon

In late August, CodeCanyon.net will be launching a new "HTML5 Apps" category, which we fully expect to be monstrously popular. After we select the best items from this contest -- including the ones that didn't win one of the top three prizes -- we will contact the authors about selling their items on CodeCanyon in this new category, where they'll earn between 40-70% for each sale. Considering Envato's 430,000 marketplace members, and the fact that many of these authors make thousands of dollars each month, you'll do quite well if your item appeals to a wide variety of people. By entering this competition, you agree that, if your item is chosen, it will be uploaded to CodeCanyon under your account, and will help to serve as seed content for the category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this section will sporadically be updated as questions come in from the community.

  1. When is the deadline? You have until August 23rd, 2010, at 11:59 PM (USA Central Standard time).
  2. How do I enter? When ready, submit your item here.
  3. If I win the contest, how will my item be sold on CodeCanyon? At that point, we will contact you about creating your free author account (if you don't already have one), and submitting your item. It's quite easy. Plus, because your item will be part of the new category's seed content, you'll get a tremendous amount of exposure as we advertise the category like crazy!
  4. Can I submit to the upcoming "HTML5 Apps" category even if I don't win? Absolutely...and I hope you do!
  5. Can Envato staff enter this competition? Unfortunately not.
  6. Must my item support all browsers? No; we fully understand that these are items that simply won't work in all browsers. However, do your best to provide some level of support for as many browsers as possible.

Terms and Conditions

  • This competition is open to anyone and everyone, excluding Envato staff.
  • You have until August 23rd, 2010, at 11:59 PM (USA Central Standard time) to submit your item
  • The winners of the contest will be determined by a team of no less than three judges.
  • Items must officially be submitted here to be considered for the prizes.

Good Luck!!

We can't wait to see what you come up with. There are a lot of prizes at stake here, so submit the best possible item you're capable of! And remember, even if you don't win, if your item is of a high quality, you can still profit from every sale on CodeCanyon. Many authors make thousands upon thousands of dollars each month by doing this!

The deadline is August 23rd. Ready...set...go!!

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