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Winner Announced: Win a Signed Copy of Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers!

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Tom Green, in addition to being one of our regular writers, contributes to a plethora of other sites, events, magazines and has a heap of books to his name too. This week on Activetuts+ Tom's personally offered up a signed copy of one of his friends of ED publications; Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers.

If you're a Flash designer looking for a solid overview of Flash CS4, this book is for you!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of the post. At the end of the week we'll collect up the entries and randomly select one lucky winner.

Congratulations to Sonja Gottschalk! For those of you who weren't so lucky this time, there'll be plenty of Tuts+ giveaways during the coming weeks. Keep your eyes open!

Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers

Foundation Flash CS4 for DesignersFoundation Flash CS4 for DesignersFoundation Flash CS4 for Designers

Thanks Tom!

If you're a Flash designer looking for a solid overview of Flash CS4, this book is for you. Through the use of solid and practical exercises, you will soon master the fundamentals of this latest edition of the Adobe Flash authoring tool. Using a series of carefully developed tutorials, you will be led from basic Flash CS4 techniques to the point where you can create animations, MP3 players, and customized Flash video players in no time. Each chapter focuses on a major aspect of Flash, and then lets you take the reins in a "Your Turn" exercise to create something amazing with what you've learned.

In this book, you'll learn:

  • How to create effective animations using the new Motion Editor and animation tools
  • How to use the new 3D features to animate objects in 3D space
  • Best-practice tips and techniques from some of the top Flash practitioners on the planet
  • How to create captioned video and full-screen video, and deploy HD video using Flash
  • Techniques for using the Flash UI components as well as XML documents to create stunning,interactive presentations

More information about Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers is available on friendsofed.com.

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