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Winner Announced - Freebie: $50 Amazon Gift Card


Nettuts+ is a success solely because of the fantastic community. Today, we have a $50 Amazon gift card to give away to say thank you for sticking with us as long as you have!

Winner Announced!


Congratulations to "jamelb" for being randomly selected, via Random.org, as the winning commenter. Thanks so much to everyone who entered. Your feedback will be used to further improve the video tutorials on Nettuts+.

Jamelb, please contact us at nettuts@tutsplus.com to claim your prize.

How to Enter

This one is exclusive to iTunes users. Simply visit the Nettuts+ Vodcast page on iTunes, leave a comment, and write what you think - whether negative or positive. Just be truthful, and as constructive in your criticism as you wish! Even just a few words will do. That's it!

I'll then, on Monday morning, randomly select one of the new comments from that list, and announce the winner on this page!

We also won't squawk should you use choose to subscribe to that feed while you're there. :)

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