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Winner Announced: Follow @FlashArtOfWar to Win an Adobe Flex Builder 3 License!

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Jesse Freeman lives and breathes Flash. He's worked for several big players in the industry, is a respected conference speaker and has written some of Activetuts+' most popular articles to date.

His blog Flash Art of War has recently undergone a face lift, so to celebrate its rebirth Jesse is giving away a license for Adobe Flex Builder 3 to one lucky @FlashArtOfWar Twitter follower. Read on to find out how to enter..

Congratulations to ozipi! For those of you who weren't so lucky this time, there'll be plenty of Tuts+ giveaways during the coming weeks. Keep your eyes open!

Adobe Flex Builder 3

Adobe Flex Builder 3.0Adobe Flex Builder 3.0Adobe Flex Builder 3.0

Flash Art of War

Flash Art of WarFlash Art of WarFlash Art of War

My name is Jesse Freeman and I have been an interactive designer/developer for over 10 years. I am the Lead Flash Developer at Radical Media and I have worked for MLB.com, the New York Jets, HBO, Arista Records, Fox and many more.

The goal of this site is to train you to do battle as I have! Everything on this site is free to use, I only ask that you drop me an email letting me know how it works out, or leave a comment.

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