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Win the New Apple Magic Mouse

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Across all of the TUTS sites, we're starting a new weekly giveaway! This means that you should check Nettuts+ every Friday to potentially win a prize related to web development: anything from a new book, to a code editor, to Apple's new magic mouse - which we're giving away today!

Update: Winner Announced

Congratulations to Jason Wendell for being randomly chosen as the winner! Comments have now been closed.

"With Magic Mouse, Apple has brought Multi-Touch technology to the desktop mouse, giving you a new and more intuitive way to interact with your computer. Just as with iPhone, iPod touch, and MacBook Pro, the Bluetooth Magic Mouse adds gestures and swipes to the usual clicks to bring more functionality and help you get more done with less effort." - via Amazon

Magic MouseMagic MouseMagic Mouse

How to Enter

Quite easily; simply make a tweet linking to your favorite tutorial on web development, whether it be from Nettuts+ or any other site. At the end of your link, add the #nettuts hash so that we can track it. Then, on Monday, November 2nd (US Central Time), I'll sort through the tweets and select the winner! Anyone in the world, other than staff members, are eligible to enter!

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Note: Envato staff and those who have written more than two articles for Nettuts+ are ineligible to enter.

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