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Win a Copy of "Unity Game Development Essentials"! (Winners Announced)

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You've read the interview, now get your hands on a copy of his book! Our friends at Packt Publishing are giving away copies of Will Goldstone's Unity Game Development Essentials to three lucky @envatoactive twitter followers! Read on and find out how to enter…

Winners Chosen!

You're a tad too late! The draw has already taken place! Don't panic though, follow @envatoactive on twitter and you'll soon hear of another awesome giveaway - I promise :)

The three lucky winners were Mike DelGuidice, Jeff Bayer and Marco Secchi - congrats guys!

Unity Game Development EssentialsUnity Game Development EssentialsUnity Game Development Essentials

About Unity Game Development Essentials:

Build fully functional, professional 3D games with realistic environments, sound, dynamic effects, and more!

  • Kick start game development, and build ready-to-play 3D games with ease
  • Understand key concepts in game design including scripting, physics, instantiation, particle effects, and more
  • Test & optimize your game to perfection with essential tips-and-tricks
  • Written in clear, plain English, this book is packed with working examples and innovative ideas
  • This book is based on Unity version 2.5 and uses JavaScript for scripting
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