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Welcome to the New Home of Code on Tuts+

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By now you’ve probably noticed that when you visit Nettuts+, Wptuts+, or Mobiletuts+, you’re being redirected to our new central hub. We wanted to make sure we gave you the scoop on this exciting change.

How do you make a great thing better? That’s the question the Tuts+ team asked when they set out to streamline how our readers could discover, consume and contribute to this fabulous network of sites. This was the main motivation for our new redesign, which helps bring all of our sites together into one place.

The team worked really hard at creating a user experience that provides much better discoverability and engagement across all of our sites allowing you, our faithful reader to enjoy a richer experience and a vast trove of top-notch tutorials. And they’ve done it by practicing what we preach through the use of clean typography, refined UX, functional space and responsive layouts. All of this to ensure we provide you a very smooth and engaging reading experience.

And while change can sometimes be scary, this is a fantastic change providing you with richer features and the same high-quality content you’ve been accustomed to on all our sites. For those of you tuned into our social channels (you are following them, right?!) nothing has changed on that front.

Our Editorial Manager, David Appleyard, has done a fabulous introductory post outlining all of the coolness that’s been updated. It’s definitely worth checking out. 

So take a look around, press the buttons, turn some knobs, kick the tires and get to know the new Tuts+. It’s an exciting moment for us and we look forward to your feedback.

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