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Weekend Lecture: Egoraptor Discusses Megaman's Game Design


Interested in game design? This weekend, we feature an interesting look at game design in the NES game Megaman and its SNES sequel Megaman X, through a video by Egoraptor.

Watch the Video

Many games, particularly modern games aimed at a more casual audience, rely on tutorial missions and popups to teach you how to play the game; a few years ago, it was more common for games to be packed with a thick manual that explained all the controls and objectives. But there is a third option: letting the player learn through actually playing the game.

In this video, Egoraptor examines how Megaman did a great job of teaching through gameplay, and how Megaman X refined this even further.

Warning: there's a lot of profanity in this, so it might not be safe for work.

Hat tip to Jesse Freeman for posting a link to this video on Google+!

If you're interested in this subject, and would like to learn how to apply these lessons to app design, take a look at Dan Cook's presentation, The Princess Rescuing Application.

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