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Weekend Lecture: Chrome's Developer Tools

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Google I/O 2012 is less than a month away, so I thought it'd be appropriate to look back at a great talk from Google I/O 2011: Chrome Dev Tools Reloaded, presented by Paul Irish and Pavel Feldman. If you're a JavaScript developer making games or apps for the browser, you should watch this.

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Paul Irish is, among many things, a member of the Google Chrome developer relations team, and Pavel Feldman is a Google software engineer on the Chrome team.

In this talk, they cover the Chrome Developer Tools, which let you edit the DOM inline, alter CSS rules in a page on the fly, call JavaScript manually, set breakpoints, and more. If you've never used the tools before (or if you've just muddled your way through with them, discovering new tricks as you go), I recommend watching this video to help you get the most out of them.

Further Resources

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