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"Use It Better" License Giveaway Worth $2.9k! - Winners Chosen


You've read the tutorial, now get your hands on the goods! Use It Better have given Activetuts+ 5 licenses for their fully hosted Flash analysis tool, each one valid for six months and worth a whopping $594! To win one, all you have to do is tweet - find out more after the jump!

Use It Better is a fully hosted flash analytics tool that allows you to record and replay user’s visits as if you were sitting next to them. Watching real visitors helps to identify problems in user experience, but in fact, there are multiple use cases that make Use It Better a perfect tool for digital agencies during all project stages.

Check out the Use It Better website or the tutorial published here on Activetuts+ for plenty more information about what Use It Better does.

The Winners

We're still waiting on a response from several of the selected winners, but well done to @spaj84 and @joelbetancourt!

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