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Updated: 10 Free Copies of "JavaScript Patterns" from O'Reilly Books


Not only was Stoyan Stefanov nice enough to submit an excerpt of his book, JavaScript Patterns, to Nettuts+, but we also have ten digital copies available to give away to our community! Personally, I'm roughly 75% finished with the book, and it's fantastic. Similar to his previous book, "Object-Oriented JavaScript," Stoyan has an uncanny ability to make high level techniques and concepts as easy as possible to understand. Even if you don't win a copy, "JavaScript Patterns" receives my highest recommendation.

Update: Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the following Tweeters for winning a copy of JavaScript Patterns!

  • Dine: Always specify the second param (radix) to parseInt(string, radix) #jsEdu
  • javascr1pt: Put your JavaScript code right before the
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