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Tuts+ Tidbits: New Design, New Faces, New Free Courses

Tuts Tidbits

Here’s the scoop on what’s been going on this month on Tuts+.

  • The big news comes first. All of our free tutorials, interviews, resources and articles are now moved across to the new Tuts+ design! Check it out over at hub.tutsplus.com.
  • In line with that move, we tweaked a couple of things in our Privacy Policy, and added a statement about cookies (point 4.) to the ‘Behavioral Advertising and Cookies’ section.
  • For a limited time only, you can get yourself some sweet Tuts+ gear: t-shirts! Featuring a design by the very stylish Jacob Zinman-Jeanes, they’re bound to be a wardrobe staple.
  • We’re continuing to move the Tuts+ Premium library over to courses.tutsplus.com. New courses available for individual purchase include Photoshop for PhotographersGetting Good with Grunt and Magento Fundamentals. Heaps to learn!
  • We’ve got not one but TWO new free courses. Fundamentals of Photography, with photo & video expert David Bode, and Vector Portraits for Beginners with our very own vector superstar Sharon Milne.
  • There are some new faces on the Tuts+ team! A big welcome to Amanda (who’ll be working on web dev courses) and Steph (who’ll be tackling support, QA and community development, among other things).

There’s a lot going on in HQ at the moment, so check back soon!

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