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Tuts+ Supports the MaRS Energy Hackathon!

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Tuts+ is helping the world go green by supporting the MaRS Energy Hackathon! Read on to learn more about the event and how you can participate!

Event Overview

The MaRS Discovery District is calling on developers, designers, energy experts, and budding entrepreneurs to create apps and hardware that make use of the Green Button Connect My Data open API and other sample datasets. The goal? Your brainchild will help consumers better understand, access, and manage their electricity consumption. The Green Button standard has already been adopted across the United States, and is starting to take hold across Ontario as well. In fact, to date, it has allowed 2.6 million Ontarians to access and share their electricity data.

Event Details

Come to MaRS to build an app, create a gadget, and join the Green Button Revolution!

The event will run from 8:00 AM EDT to 5:00 PM EDT on both the 7th and the 8th of September, 2013. There is no cost for entry and by participating in the hackathon you will be competing for the following prizes:

  • Best App (value: $1,500)
  • Best App – First Runner-Up (value: $1,000)
  • Best App – Second Runner-Up (value: $500)
  • Chagpar & Associates-backed Prepr Innovation Grant (approximate value: $5,000)
  • Pivot Design Group Award for Best UX/Design (approximate value: $5,000)
  • 5 free Tuts+ Premium subscriptions (approximate value: $900)
  • 5 free accounts for Squarespace for 1 year (approximate value: $500)

Checkout the official hackathon page to learn more.

Participants & Sponsors

With great partners like Affinity Systems, London Hydro, Prepr, Upverter, Tuts+, Gelaskins, Pivot Design Group, Hackernest, and People & Code, as well as an amazing cross-section of industry experts, you'll have everything you need to make an awesome app or gadget! They'll also have two soldering irons, a soldering station, and a 3D printer care of the Toronto Tool Library!

Additional Resources

While the best place to learn about the event is the official hackathon website, you may also find the following links helpful:

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