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Tuts+ Quiz: Winners Announced!


From the bottom of our creative little hearts, we want to thank you all for making the Tuts+ Quiz so much fun! We had over 1,500 entries, and 27 prizes. We're sorry you can't all win a prize, but we hope you had a lot of fun and got to know Tuts+ a little bit better! We certainly got to know you better, and we learned that Tuts+ readers are clever and good-looking.

Read on to see who won!

Yay! Winners

Adobe CS5 (courtesy of Adobe Business Catalyst) - Pavol Bigos.

Wacom Tablet - Elena Poleacova, Erin Goh.

Rockable Library - Andres Hernandez.

Smashing Library - Daniel Tan, Branden Schaffer, Jason Anello.

Magic Bullet Looks 1.4 - Owen Conti.

Trapcode Form - Romain Capelle.

Billings 3 - Lisianne Marzani, Amit Kumar, Lucian Ciortan.

Pixelmator - Pablo Lara H, Serina Brown, Ed Werdyl.

Little Snapper - Philo Hermans, George Elias, Gram Riisgaard, Andrew George, Michelle Boule.

Courier - Alex Cuncannon, Samuel Naki, Petra Horing, Javier Barrera, Irmantas Pocius.

Symmetry Works - Sami Kangasniemi.

Symmetry Shop - Miha Vukovic.

So... How Were Winners Picked?

We assembled each person who chose a particular prize, and chose a winner among them using Random.org's random number generator. Once we had a 'winner', we checked for duplicate IPs and/or email addresses to make sure all winners entered only once. Then we verified the winner entered before the cut-off date.

All the above winners will receive an email shortly on how to claim their prize.

Again, Thank You...

We hope that even if you didn't win a prize this time, you had fun. Solving the quiz was an achievement in itself, and we suspect you're smarter than the average person. In fact, we're sure of it! :-)

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