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Tuts+ Quiz, Day 2 - Activetuts+

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It's Day 2 of our stupendous Tuts+ Holiday Quiz competition. Today, you'll be tested on your knowledge of Activetuts+. Read on to unlock the second character in the entry form URL!

Day #2 Question

A smart ActionScripter named Dru
Wrote a series of tuts just for you
Enjoyed by everyone
But what is the name of Part 2?

Is it...

A) Loops
C) Functions

Pick the correct letter and add it to the URL string to unlock the second part of the entry form URL.

Search for the answer on Activetuts+, which is a single letter.

Important: Please do not post answers in comments or elsewhere in public. Entrants found to have shared answers will be disqualified. By sharing answers, you take the fun out of the competition and lower your own chances of receiving a prize!

GOT IT? Good!

You'll find the next question on Cgtuts+ within the next 24 hours.

Quiz Calendar

Assemble the answers in the following order to unlock the URL when all questions are released. The URL is Replace every # with the answers!

Important: The following dates are based on U.S. timezones.

  1. Psdtuts+ / 20th December
  2. Activetuts+ / 21st December
  3. Cgtuts+ / 22nd December
  4. Webdesigntuts+ / 23rd December
  5. Nettuts+ / 24th December
  6. Mobiletuts+ / 25th December
  7. Audiotuts+ / 26th December
  8. Vectortuts+ / 27th December
  9. Phototuts+ / 28th December
  10. Aetuts+ / 29th December (ENTRY FORM UNLOCKED)

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