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Tuts+ is Hiring Android & Java Course Instructors


Are you an experienced Android developer looking for the next step in your career? Have you considered sharing your knowledge through teaching comprehensive online video courses?

We're growing our Code course topics here at Tuts+, expanding into teaching more mobile content areas, including Android. It's been a while since we've covered Java so we're hoping to work on some new Java content too! This is a unique opportunity to become part of the core Tuts+ instructor team.

What We're Looking For

  • You have extensive experience working with both Java and Android SDK and possibly other technologies.
  • You have some experience and are comfortable with mentoring, teaching or screencasting.
  • You love learning and are constantly expanding your knowledge of new technologies.

What Is a Course?

Tuts+ courses provide students with in-depth video training on a specific topic. Here’s how the process works:

  • Create 90+ minutes of video-based teaching.
  • Present with screencasts and slides.
  • Organize your course into chapters and bite-size lessons.
  • Teach skills comprehensively from start to finish.

Why Teach for Tuts+?

  • Work from home in your own time.
  • Give back to the community and share your skills teaching others.
  • Get paid a competitive per course rate of $3,500 USD.
  • We'll provide you with curriculum and screencasting setup support.

If you've created online video before we'd love to hear about it, but it's not essential. We'll get you set up with equipment, and we have a team of people ready to help you get started.

Interested? Get in Touch

  1. Prepare a short application video following the instructions below.
  2. Complete our application form answering a few questions about why you’d be suitable as a Tuts+ instructor, and include an accessible link to your application video in the Screencast Video section.

Special Instructions

In three minutes or less, give us a whirlwind tour of an interesting Android library.

We’re not concerned with audio quality at this point, or which library you choose. We’d just like to see how you teach.

Applications close on 14 January 2015, but the sooner you can get your application in, the better! We'll be reaching out to promising candidates as quickly as possible. 

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