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Top Unity 3D Tools from ActiveDen


As a famous British band once sang - we all get by with a little help from our friends. And if you have ever decided to design a kick butt game, who couldn't use a little help?

Today we're going to run down some of the ultra-helpful Unity 3D tools that are available over at ActiveDen. And if this whole Unity 3D thing is new to you, please check out our introduction series on Getting Started with Unity. Now get out there and start designing me some games!

1. Cave Run 3D Unity Game Starter Kit

This is a 3D version of my Cave Run Flash Game . Run like crazy, jumping on platforms and avoiding obstacles. Collect as many gems as you can and don’t fall!

2. Mini Golf Construction Kit

Mini Golf Construction Kit has everything you need to create a mini golf game.You can create a 18 hole commercial ready game in a day.Package contains over 80 prefabs of course pieces and obstacles, a complete game demo with 6 courses included and a GUI example to help you get started, a setup guide and one video. There are few animated obstacles and one animated course piece.

3. FPS Starter Pack - Upgrades & Store

Have you ever wanted to make your own ‘Call of Unity’ FPS ? With this weapon upgrades and store system, along with the base Dastardly Banana FPS Constructor (included), you can! Create varied weapon upgrades, like scopes, secondary weapons, and camouflage, without any coding through the modular upgrades framework! Unlock weapons and upgrades through the store system; just drag the provided Store prefab into your scene and hit play! Add these new features, along with two new fully animated weapon models, to the base Dastardly Banana FPS Constructor and you can make your Unity FPS in no time.

4. Match-3 new style game starter kit

This is physics based match-3 style game. It would be helpful for beginners, here is tricky things: locking object’s position and rotation, parenting objects, instantiate particles and change their color to match destroyed ball’s color and much more.

5. BloodSplatter Prefab

Includes blood material and particle system blood splatter simulation. Hooray?

6. Day/Night Cycle

Component allows you to use realistic Day/Night Cycle in your Projects.

7. Bowling Game Starter Kit

The bowing game starter kit will help you to develop bowling games in Unity3d. It’s a bowling game all ready to go!

8. Local High Score Script pack

The Local High Score Scripts pack includes everything you need to add basic, local (as in, offline) high score tables to your Unity3d games.

9. 3D Memory

3D Memory is a classic memory game. This game is going to help you create any other matching game and high score system with multiple elements. In this case we have name, avatar and time, game is keeping scores of the ten best scores per level. There are 135 images to be matched so you can’t play the same game twice.

10. UFO3D - Unity Game

UFO3D is the Unity version of my other game, UFO2D. Move with the mouse, pick up cows and drop them at the portal. Get as many cows as you can before time runs out!

11. Guitar Unity

This game starter kit has you on the way to your own guitar reaction game. The included custom editor helps you create new songs, add your own music and design challenging note patterns with just a few simple steps.

12. Mighty Cannon Shooter Game

Shoot the targets and try to get as many points as possible! The further you shoot, the more you get.

13. Spawn Controller

Spend more time designing and balancing, and less time trying to make things work! With the Dastardly Banana Spawn Controller, designing, configuring, and customizing the way objects spawn in your scene is easy.

14. Air side-scroller

Every option is adjustable in this project, you can manipulate with player’s and enemy’s options: movement speed, bullet and rocket shooting speed, bullet resistance, explosion and bullet prefab, sounds etc…

15. Mech Starter Pack

This is a Starter Pack that will teach you how to get a head start on creating an advanced 3rd person shooter with amazing graphics, animations, and gameplay. It includes a fully rigged detailed robot mesh known as J3 along with all his necessary animations in fbx format such as run, jump, shoot, as well as strafe. It also has two different enemy types known as an EyeBot and SentryGun to provide J3 with win and losing conditions. Powerups that refill your health, ammo and missles.

16. Cloudy Night Skybox

This Skybox is custom made for the Unity environment, pre-packaged and ready for import and use. Easy as importing the package into an existing or new scene.

17. Unitroids Space Shooter

Unitroids is a game where you fly a small spaceship through unknown space worlds. Unfortunately, pesky little asteroids are cluttering up your way. You can either avoid them , or shoot them and blow them up. But when they explode, they will split and make things more complicated.

18. RC Helicopter Simulation

RC Helicopter Simulation can be used like a helicopter template project. Based on this simulation you can create your own helicopter game in no time. By adjusting helicopter stability control you can choose between simulation style and arcade style game. Package includes PDF help file that will help you get started and a fully commented source code.

19. Analog Clock for Unity3d

The whole clock, scripting and all, is neatly contained in an easy-to-use prefab. Just import the .unitypackage and drop it on your scene. All the settings can be modified via the inspector panel – you don’t even need to touch the Javascript.

20. Level loader (prefab-based level builder)

The level ‘maker’ script is designed to build a level dynamically from a layout specified within a script file.

21. Planet Earth Prefab

This realistic Earth prefab is super easy to work with. Includes stars and sun/camera flare reflections. Also, simply change speed with the speed setting.

22. Unity 3D Slot Machine Prefab

New to the Unity catalogue on Active Den, this is a fully working slot machine, modelled after the sort you see standing in a typical Las Vegas casino. You pay, you play, you might even win. Have a look at the preview and see for yourself.

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