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The Top 80+ Items and Authors from CodeCanyon in 2010

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2010 was a stellar year for CodeCanyon! Don't believe us? We'll prove it in over 80 different ways!

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Premium WordPress Plugins

1. DDSliderWP

DDSliderWP features a new easy-to-go slider with 9 different unique transitions (+fading & random—11 total) that support Inline Content PLUS a custom admin panel, with total management of slides.

2. Relevant Search

If you've always fantasized that WordPress would fix their search results and return something actually relevant (not ordered by date), but are let down on every new release. You've found the plugin to make that dream come true.

3. Twitter Widget Pro

If you own just one twitter plugin for Wordpress, let it be this one! The only premium twitter plugin out right now – with support for multiple twitter users and includes a ton of premium options. This is the last Twitter plugin you'll ever need!

4. Dynamic Step Process Panels

Dynamic Step Process Panels is a lightweight plugin for WordPress. It allows that any content can be represented in any number of tabs / steps.

5. Custom Widget Areas

Have you ever wanted to show different Widgets on Pages or Posts or even inside your content? The plugin lets you create your own widget areas, configure them by adding widgets, and then place them directly inside the content of Pages and Posts by simply using shortcodes.

6. Custom Backgrounds

Based on the new feature in WordPress 3.0 we have created a neat little plugin that enables you to create as many custom backgrounds as you wish. And you can add them to any Pages, Posts, Categories, Archives, Home-page, Front-page, 404-page, Search-page, Author-page, Custom Post types, without requiring a knowledge of html or css.

7. Lightbox Evolution

Lightbox Evolution is a tool for displaying images, html content, maps, and videos in a "lightbox" style that floats overtop of web page. Using Lightbox Evolution, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.

8. SocialPop: A Social Media Plugin

This plug-in adds social media sharing options under the content section on WordPress Posts and Pages. Currently supports sharing for 26 of some of the most popular social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

9. AJAX Contact Forms

This is a jQuery based AJAX powered HTML / PHP contact form with Twitter Direct Messaging, easily integrated into WordPress via shortcodes and functions.

10. WP-Membership Plugin

This is a Wordpress plugin that helps you sell your content; you only need to install the plugin, create a category for your private content, setup the prices of your memberships and your Paypal account. Don't hesitate and purchase it today.

11. Font Uploader

This plugin lets you upload your own font files and apply them to any element of your website without requiring a knowledge of html or css. Use your own fonts with any Wordpress theme. This plugin will work with any and all wordpress themes, commercial and free a like.

12. uBillboard - Premium Slider

uBillboard is a slider for Wordpress. We have been developing sliders for our Wordpress themes for over a year now, and all that experience has been distilled into this one slider plugin. It is a premium quality jQuery-based slider with a nicely polished Wordpress admin.

13. Events Calendar Pro

The Events Calendar Premium plugin for Wordpress enables you to rapidly create and manage events using the post editor. Features include Google Maps integration as well as default templates such as a calendar grid and event list for streamlined one click installation.

14. Simple WordPress Gallery

The Simple WordPress Gallery plugin overrides the standard WordPress gallery with a film-strip style one. Our goal here is to finally present a version of the WordPress gallery that's useful and not a pain in the butt. This plugin installs in a minute and is a breeze to use; it's as simple as it it awesome!


15. Ken Burns Media Gallery / Slideshow

jQuery Ken Burns Slideshowis the perfect way to showcase your pictures/ads in style. Each item has a separate slideshow time and you can edit their link, target and many other individual settings just by modifying the HTML .

16. Sliding Tabs

Create horizontal or vertical animated sliding tabs for your design using the Sliding Tabs jQuery plugin.

17. FlipTimer

Flip Timer is an awesome countdown timer with unique flip transition effect. If is made in pure JS and is very lightweight. Perfect for under construction and coming soon websites.

18. jQuery Image Gallery

This is an image gallery jQuery plugin featuring a horizontal thumbnail layout. The sliding thumbnails and buttons allow for easy navigation of your image portfolio. The gallery is also re-sizable and configurable through the plugin's parameters.

19. Attention Box

Attention Box is a simple and lightweight jQuery plugin that helps push important messages onto the screen and your users. Its subtle and beautiful see-through background makes it blend into any design. It also can take user inputs along with other features listed below and includes a very easy to follow documentation.

20. o'Slider - Slider with animated backgrounds

Inspired by an Android OS change-screen wallpaper effect, built with a jQuery javascript library! The o'Slider plug-in has a lot of features of a regular slider. Some of them are auto play, stop on hover, show/hide navigation, bullets list or thumbnails for a navigation, captions and in-line content. But the main cause for creation of the plug-in was to give websites' users amazing live-background experience.

21. Preloadify

Preloadify is a very easy to use image preloading plugin. Its size is 3kb and works in all browsers. Preload images easily and it has lots of options. Can be used anywhere, no need to change the code one bit.

22. Advanced Slider - jQuery XML slider

Advanced Slider is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily create XML -driven sliders, which are much easier to setup and maintain than sliders that use HTML markup. However, you also have the option to use HTML instead of XML . The plugin also provides an easy to use API which will allow to further enhance the functionality of the slider and make it possible to integrate it into your own application.

23. ImageBox - Image Viewing Script

ImageBox is an image viewing application written entirely in JavaScript (with no JS Libraries) and CSS . Imagebox allows website authors to display their images in a stylish way, without navigating the user away from the current page. There are over 15 customizable options that allow you to easily modify ImageBox to suit your needs.

24. SHIFT Gallery

SHIFT Gallery is the ultimate showcase for your work/portfolio/pictures. You don't have to worry if you need to showcase some videos/swfs/text beside images because this gallery supports them all. It can also be turned into a slideshow so that your viewer can see your work without having to do nothing.

25. Fullscreen Music Player

A dead simple way to turn any unordered list of mp3s into a beautiful playlist. Open media playlist comes in three styles (fullscreen, page-list, and minimal) and only requires one line of code to setup.

26. Boutique carousel

A ready to use jQuery slider/carousel to present your images in a unique, smooth and customizable way. Simply link to the JavaScript and CSS files and apply it to your HTML element like other jQuery plugins.

27. jsCountdown

The name says it all ! Included are 14 different skins to choose from and a template file (png format) to make your own. I've also simplified the setup process with an option generator and a preview in the documentation (can be seen in screenshots). All of the skins can be seen in the preview.

28. Dynamic Step Process Panels

Dynamic Step Process Panels is a lightweight jQuery plugin. It allows that any content can be represented in any number of tabs / steps.

29. AJAX text editor

AJAX editor is a component which allows the user (or admin) to simply edit the text in-place. Highly recommended for CMS without this feature, or any other site that the owner wants to edit his text easily in place.


30. Simple CSS Framework

What makes this CSS layout ( framework ) different from others is the simplicity and the fact that it's just enough. We take the most applicable resolution for nowadays in web design – 960px, 800px and fluid layout as the backbond of this framework. You can easily create a blog, corporate website or even a small personal portfolio site in few minutes.

31. Basic Clean Pricing Tables

Your basic clean pricing tables. Works in IE6 , special javascript is included! Utilizes CSS3 and Sprites for lightning fast load times!

32. DropLink

Create a cool looking drop link to show a list of links. There are 3 examples included: one with text as main link, one with an image as main link and one where all links have a small icons.

33. Mega Dropdown

Mega dropdown is a pure CSS dropdown menu which is easily customizable and features 5 included color schemes (red, blue, orange, green, grey).

34. Notification Boxes

Notification Boxes with 10 different styles, 3 different templates, HTML and CSS3 standards and jQuery Animation."/p>

35. Pure CSS3 Sticky Footer

This CSS3 Sticky Footer will help you to create unique footer with CSS /XHTML only, there is absolutely NO javascript. The content can be organized into simple "drop-up" lists or in 1, 2 or 3 columns based on the 960 grid system.

36. Sleek Borders

Sleek Borders is a pack of 12 stylish borders made with pure CSS . 6 styles are included with a gloss variant of each. Additionally, you can get 4 bonus borders (check the screenshots) by showing a sample of how you used these borders. Full documentation is included. You can also remove the images and use the borders as stylish containers.

37. CSS Pagination Pack

Spice up your pages with these fresh lookin' pagination menus. No images used, only CSS ! 7 predefined colors are provided with hover and active states! These styles have been tested to work in all major browsers. Documentation for using the file is also included.

38. CSS3 Mega Drop Down Menu

This Mega Drop Down Menu is perfect for creating unique menus easily. It's CSS / XHTML only, there is absolutely NO JavaScript. The content can be organized in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns based on the 960 grid system.

39. Fresh Tooltips

Precisely designed and coded Fresh Tooltips. Great for any kind of website, very practical. The top one is 100% transparent black, which looks very very cool. Also perfect for learning—I've made lots of cross-browser research before I've done these, you won't find better tutorial with such an amazing design than personally going through my code.

40. Mega Pricing Tables

This is a beautiful and clean pricing table. Cool buttons, nice hover effects and more. It's very easy to set-up and even easier to customize. This Pricing table comes with a fully layered PSD to create your own custom style.

41. Fresh Buttons

Precisely designed and coded Fresh Buttons. Great for any kind of website, very practical. Also perfect for learning—I've made lots of cross-browser research before I've done these, you won't find better tutorial with such an amazing design than personally going through my code.

42. Notification Boxes

Notification Boxes Pack for anything you like! Can be used in backend interfaces, online shopping stores or websites where feedback is needed in a "fancy way". Present information in a stylish way! The boxes come in 5 templates – error, success, warning, tip and neutral.


43. MusicBox - HTML5 Music Player

Musicbox is a HTML5 music player which uses audio tag with flash fallback (ensures functionality in older browsers).

44. HTML5 Ajax Contact Form

A contact form that leverages the power of HTML5 , Ajax, and Google Maps. Works in all browsers (even IE6 )

45. Tejas - Premium HTML5 Video Player

Tejas is a powerful and elegant solution for embedding video content on your website. It's built on jQuery and utilizes the very powerful ThemeRoller system for rendering its user interface.

46. Dweamer - Dreamweaver Theme Builder

Dweamer is an HTML5 "theme builder" for Dreamweaver. It allows you to easily create themes that change the appearance of Dreamweaver's code view. If you've ever tried to edit the Dreamweaver color scheme on your own, you know what a pain it can be (and if you haven't, you're not missing much). But, Dweamer makes easy work of a task that used to take several hours.

47. Custom Picasa Gallery

I built this custom gallery out of necessity. I love Picasa, but disliked the fact that there wasn't really any way to customize my PicasaWeb album—at all, really. So, I began researching other web storage galleries around the web: SmugMug, ZenFolio, Phanfare, etc. They all had pros and cons, but, most noticeably, they were too dang expensive, when compared to Picasa's super cheap web storage!

48. Register5! - HTML5 Register Form

Register5! is a simple, yet highly functional and effective website registration form. Register5! was created with emphasis on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, and designed with completely imageless graphics.

49. HTML 5 AJAX Contact Form

Your visitors won't be able to stop themselves contacting you with this baby. The HTML 5 AJAX Contact Form utilises cutting edge HMTL 5 code and CSS 3 animations to make your contact page elegant and ultra-usable.

50. devZor.project, Your Offline HTML5 Task Management

devZor.project is the only to-do list a developer ever needs ! It gives you the freedom to manage your tasks in a different way. I'm sure you use (or used) allot of these task management solutions, but in my opinion they were always either too simple and feature-less or too advanced and hard to find your way around. I then created something different, something that focuses on the every day tasks of a developer and/or freelancer.

51. gonTracker

gonTracker is an awesome cross-platform time tracker app that can track your time across multiple clients and projects and produce daily, weekly and monthly reports for all clients and projects, or for individual client or project.

52. JQuery Html5 Video Player

This is a fantastic HTML5 video player based on jQuery JavaScript Library. This script doesn't require any extra Browser Plugins to display HTML5 videos. It features a beautiful and unified UI on all desktop browsers and supports fullscreen in Window Mode.

53. HTML5 AJAX Multi uploader

HTML5 AJAX multiuploader bring comfort of Flash uploaders by using pure HTML & Javascript. It is mainly intended as comfort tool for uploading of multiple images in one shot. With moder browser you can add files to upload queue by simple drag 'n drop. Also nice lightbox effect is ready to preview your images before upload to the gallery.


54. BizApp for Titanium

BizApp, an iOS template built on Appcelerator's Titanium, is a perfect 'brochure' app. All files are well commented and built in a way where you can cherry pick certain elements and implement in to your own project.

55. Appalogue: Cross-Promotion Made Easy

Appalogue is an in-app catalog that will automatically pull information on your apps from iTunes and display them with both a table view listing and a screenshot gallery. This allows you to drive additional sales towards your own applications by marketing to a receptive audience: your existing fans.

56. Movie Review App

Movie Review is an iOS template built on Appcelerator's Titanium. Movie Review is a great boilerplate app for those starting out with Titanium. All the code is well commented and makes for a very quick start on your first native iPhone project.

57. Get It Done

Get It Done is an iOS template app built with Appcelerator's Titanium. Get It Done is a perfect boilerplate for a "Get Things Done" (GTD) or task based app.

58. JukeApp

JukeApp is a plug-and-play music player for iOS SDK applications. It is perfect for bands or musicians who wish to bring their music to a mobile audience. It is also a great plugin for demoing audio books or other sound clip collections.

59. Insta-Photo

This example is for a Instant Photo Sharing App iOS template built on Appcelerator's Titanium. This boilerplate template has standard styling except for the icons. From here you can apply your own graphics and functionality.

60. SmartMail

It's an simple IMAP WebMailclient especially designed for Smartphones. I was searching a while for something like that and unfortunately nothing was the right one for me.
The built-in Mailclient on my Smartphone wasn't not handy enough.
So I began to program my own mailclient and here it is :)

61. Swipe-able Photo Gallery

This example is for a Swipe-able Photo Gallery iOS template built on Appcelerator's Titanium. From here you can apply your own functionality, graphics and photos.

62. Fast Food App

This example is for a Fast Food Takeaway iOS template built on Appcelerator's Titanium. This boilerplate template has standard styling except for the icons. From here you can apply your own graphics and functionality.

PHP Scripts

63. WordPress Status Dashboard

After having the need to create a dashboard to keep us updated on our clients' WordPress websites, we decided to polish it and make it available to everyone else!

64. SQL Document Generator

SQL Document Generator is a set of classes for creating documents in various formats based on SQL queries. It's easy to implement and use (include one file), exports data from MySQL queries and creates documents in formats such as CSV , XML, DOC , HTML, XLS , PDF.

65. Contact Form + Contact Management System

Simple Contact Form Manager comes with easy web based installer. This is useful for managing your contact forms submission made on your website. Easy to integrate into any website but make sure the page you are integrating should be in php an extension of .php.

66. TORNADO Task Timer

Have you ever thought of a way to track the number of hours you spend working on projects? There are lot of paid an un-paid products with monthly subscriptions. But now you can buy this code and install it in your server and use as long as you want. This task timer program is build by me – a freelancer who value how important it is to track the time you spent on projects, so you can charge clients for your time's worth.

67. Canny Comment System

Canny Comment is an advanced Ajax commenting system built for any website in need of some voice.

68. Ultimate PHP Site Backup v2.0

An extremely powerful, robust, yet simple tool for website owners which allows you to backup websites and databases in seconds, automatically, so you never have to worry about them again. The software itself is written in PHP , and runs on your web server. Simply upload it to your server, configure a number of files or (remote or local) MySQL databases which you need backed up, and set a button.

69. Statusboard

Statusboard gives you the ability to stay up to date with your emails, rss, tweets, envato income and more in one blink of an eye. This Statusboard is build in an structured and modular way so it's easy for other developer to create their own modules for the Statusboard. You can also use this script as framework to create your own Statusboard. Statusboard can also be viewed on an iPad..

70. Advanced Login System

Fully featured Advanced login system and user management, with admin panel.

71. CMS pro!

CMS Pro! is the most intuitive CMS (Content Management System ) that a web agency can implement for their customers. is perfect for small business websites and is really easy to use and to implement. The value of CMS Pro! is in its intuitiveness. With CMS Pro!, content management becomes as easy as desktop publishing .

72. API Framework

More and more websites and companies start to create their own API 's so that users can build their own tools to interact with the websites/data. With this framework you can create your own API in no time. The framework is very easy to use and extend if you have PHP and OOP knowledge.

73. Awesome Contact Form

The Awesome Contact Form is the PHP contact form. It's easy and straightforward to set up, and can be integrated into your site with two simple lines of code! Includes bonus features such as a customisable auto-responder, form validation and support for any HTML fields out of the box. You can add custom fields easily through your customised form template and the configuration file.

74. Multi-level Comments

Multi level comments system that's easy to integrate into any site. No knowledge of PHP required and is completely customizable.

75. SiteManPro - One System Total Freedom

Have you used countless different programs on the market and even tried using self-hosting systems, but what you discovered at the end is that these caused nothing by hassles for you and your team? SiteManPro (SMP) is a framework and can be extended to unlimited features set (and that's our plan in near future) by adding add-ons and themes.

76. Live Support Chat System

The Live Support Chat System enables you to get a instant messaging chat system integrated into your own website. It is jam packed with features, and is incredibly easy to use. Features listed below, although its best to have a look and see what you think!

77. Linkr

Linkr is a link submission system that allows you to create a powerful directory of links in seconds. It has intuitive user interface and easy to use control panel.

78. Advanced Backup System

Advanced Backup System or Abs is a PHP script that helps you with tasks as backup files, backup mysql databases and deploy new versions to a server. This script is a must have for every webdeveloper/webmaster that want to save some time.

79. Advanced Client Portal

Advanced client portal allows you to centralize all of your interactions with clients by combining client management and invoice management.

80. Tastydir

Tastydir is a cross-platform PHP file management system which allows you to not only replace your traditional FTP client but also allow your users to view directories in a much more aesthetically pleasing way.


81. Web Application Template

This template package is designed to allow you a quick start when creating new web applications. In fact, this package should save you at least 6 hours of development time, if not more. It is meant for web developers who want structure to their projects and reusability. It includes many useful features that will aid you in rapid application development.

82. Dynamic Email Forms with XML Files

This project will allow you to easily generate email forms by using simple XML files.

The Top 10 Selling CodeCanyon Authors

1: Sitebase - 7361 sales

2: Jigowatt - 5846 sales

3: dtbaker - 4082 sales

4: DenonStudio - 2773 sales

5: Aeroalquimia - 2402 sales

6: Epicera - 1556 sales

7: Convergine - 1456 sales

8: Keliah - 1422 sales

9: Webtako - 1324 sales

10: 23andwalnut - 1149 sales


2010 was a fantastic year for CodeCanyon.

Considering all that we accomplished in CodeCanyon's first year of life, we fully expect 2011 to be even greater! See you on the flip-side! Happy New Year!

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