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15 Best Mobile App Templates on CodeCanyon

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Are you tired of wasting time and money on creating your next mobile app? Does creating an app seem like a confusing and frustrating process?

Try using mobile app templates and tools to kick-start your app idea—with no knowledge of coding required.

A mobile app template cuts down on the amount of time and money you spend creating your next app. Many beginners use CodeCanyon app templates as a learning tool to improve their coding skills, while professionals use them to jump-start their next app project.

mobile templatesmobile templatesmobile templates

App developers are expensive, and working on the development of your next app without any professional help can be daunting. CodeCanyon offers some of the highest quality mobile app templates and tools for you to download and implement into your app right now! The CodeCanyon marketplace features a diverse set of templates and tools that can be incredibly valuable to businesses of all different types. 

The Best Mobile Apps and Tools on CodeCanyon

Discover over 9,000 of the best mobile app templates and tools ever created on CodeCanyon. With a low-cost one-time payment, you can purchase these high-quality templates and tools and improve your app experience for your customers. 

Here are some of the weekly best-selling mobile app templates and tools to download on CodeCanyon for 2021.

best app templates of 2021best app templates of 2021best app templates of 2021

These feature-rich mobile app templates will help you offer your customers a modern and professional app experience. With the premium apps and templates offered on CodeCanyon, you will be able to create contemporary apps for the following businesses:

  • ride-sharing
  • food services
  • eCommerce
  • video games
  • and much more!

Head on over to CodeCanyon and find the perfect mobile app template now!

Top 15 Mobile App Templates (From CodeCanyon for 2021)

1. SuperView

Superview Superview Superview

SuperView is an iOS template that allows you to bundle your website into a simple iOS app. The template is ideal for a single-page web app with no navigation. The app was developed in Xcode and includes Firebase notifications as a free service. 

Here is what you can expect from this app template:

  • in-app purchases
  • interstitial ads
  • social login
  • splash screen
  • geolocation

View the video preview of the SuperView to see if it is right for your next app project.

2. Android News App

Android newsAndroid newsAndroid news

This Android template has all the modern features of a news app. Coded in the Android-native Java language, the app runs smoothly and will provide a great user experience. The app comes with an admin panel for you to manage the news, categories, notifications, and much more.

Here is what users are saying about this News app:

"Perfect design, clean code, and super customer experience. I recommend!" — CosOleMollel

3. RocketWeb


RocketWeb is the perfect Android app template to make your existing website into a mobile app. RocketWeb is fully customizable and comes with a multi-color theme and a dynamic and configurable toolbar and menu. 

Other features include:

  • Firebase integration
  • responsive to all devices
  • latest Google guidelines and Material Design standards

4. Karenderia Merchant App


Karenderia is an order-taking app for the Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System. You will need to purchase this restaurant system app in order to use the order-taking app, but is absolutely worth it. The ordering app has many features that will make sending orders and taking orders a quick and easy process. Here are a few notable features for the Karenderia order-taking app:

  • receive orders with Android and iOS push notifications
  • accept and decline orders
  • change order status
  • send SMS and email to customers about their order status

5. WoWonder Mobile Native Social Timeline Applications

Wo wonderWo wonderWo wonder

WoWonder is a social timeline application for the WoWonder PHP Social Network. WoWonder Timeline allows users to post and interact with user feeds by liking and commenting.

Here are a few of this app's best features:

  • ability to add posts to your timeline
  • view user profiles
  • marketplace integration
  • create and view images and albums

Don't miss out on this powerful social timeline app!

6. MStore Pro

Mstore proMstore proMstore pro

This best-selling eCommerce app template is a go-to template if you need a top-quality eCommerce template. MStore Pro converts your current WooCommerc store into a mobile app in no time. The app is compatible with iOS and Android and makes use of the popular payment platforms PayPal and Stripe for transactions on the app.

Here are just a few of the many features that this app comes with:

  • easy customization for your brand
  • shipping and coupon support
  • wishlists
  • order tracking and order support
  • pinch and zoom product galleries

Take a look at the live preview of this app to see just how it can fit your eCommerce app needs.

7. My Social Network

my social networkmy social networkmy social network

My Social Network is a feature-rich native Android and iOS app that you can use to create your social network. The app comes with the necessary features for building a social app like Facebook where users can create posts and chat with their friends anytime, anywhere.

Here is what dmcsainfo has to say about this app:

Awesome project this one, highly customizable, instructions are thorough and clear, implementation is fun and interesting, support is great and speedy. Buying this project was a great investment for my organization and I wish for many more great apps to come from this developer. Great stuff guyz!

8. Universal Android WebView App

Universal android webviewUniversal android webviewUniversal android webview

This Android application uses a WebView content component for displaying content. This template allows you to turn your responsive website into a universal mobile app quickly and easily. The template requires no programming skills and uses just one config file to set up the entire app. 

Here are a few of this app's features:

  • material design following Android design guidelines
  • super fast and powerful WebView engine
  • Firebase cloud messaging 
  • OneSignal push notifications
  • GDPR compliant 

9. Store Finder iOS 

store finderstore finderstore finder

Store Finder is an iOS application that enables you to find stores and shops around you. You can search by category, star your favorite places, and view all the stores on Google Maps.

  • nearby radius adjustment
  • user ratings
  • user profiles
  • Offline Usage
  • Social Login

View the live preview of this app to see it in action!

10. AdForest: Classified iOS


AdForest: Classified iOS is a modern classified ads app that can help you grow your classifieds business. You can easily manage your product listing for your ad posting website on the app. AdForest features very handy tools such as a multi-currency selector, radius search, Google Maps integration, and much more.  

Here is what okeshrana88 has to say about this app:

"A very good application. Nice work on this. It has a lot of exciting features!"

Be sure to take a look at the Adforest Classified iOS live preview.

11. The City: Place App

the citythe citythe city

The City is an Android app template that displays places from around a city with detailed descriptions and points of interest. This app is suitable for tourists and city guides. The City can even run offline, making this a valuable app for travelers

Here are a few valuable features that are implemented in this app template:

  • cached images
  • hide on scroll action bar
  • customizable interface colors
  • page transition animations

12. CiyaShop Native Android Application


CiyaShop is the ideal Android application for your online store. The app features a sharp design and 20+ demos for you to choose from when building the application. With your purchase, you will also receive 40+ screens and over 10 premium features, such as rewards points, scratch cards, in-app coupons, and multi-currency select. 

Notable features include:

Check out the live preview of CiyaShop now!

13.WebViewGold for iOS

Webview goldWebview goldWebview gold

This handy app lets you convert your website and web apps into apps for iOS. The app template supports all types of web apps and websites including HTML, PHP, WordPress, and much more. No coding and plugins are required to make transform your websites and apps into an iOS app.

View the live preview of WebViewGold to see some examples of the conversion into an iOS app.

14. Quiz App With Earning System

quiz appquiz appquiz app

Quiz App With Earning System is a complete Android app template that allows you to build an app where users can play, collect rewards points, and request withdrawals. It also comes with a Laravel-based web admin panel.

Notable features include:

  • social login 
  • push notifications 
  • user statistics
  • multi-language support 
  • AdMob integration
  • and much more

15. Android WooCommerce

android woocommerceandroid woocommerceandroid woocommerce

Android WooCommerce is a complete mobile app solution for the Android platform, with WordPress WooCommerce as a back-end. This app will work for any eCommerce store and has all the features of a modern eCommerce app.

Here are a few notable features of this eCommerce app:

  • scratch cards
  • One Signal push notifications
  • multiple checkout options
  • compatible with any WooCommerce theme
  • supports all major payment gateways

Now let's have a look at some of the best free mobile app templates and tools that you can download.

5 Free Mobile Apps and Tools for Download in 2021

The premium mobile app templates available on CodeCanyon will undoubtedly give you the most advanced features and the best possible user experience. They are complete apps with full source code—in many cases, you can customize them to create your own working app without any coding. However, if you're on a tight budget, you might not want to use a paid template. The good news is that there are free alternatives to these premium mobile app templates.

Many mobile app design templates or UI kits have been created by designers and are free to download and use in your own project. To create an app from one of these free app design templates, you will need to do all the coding yourself, though. The UI kit or design template will only include the layout and graphics for your app—you'll have to figure out how to turn this design into a real app.

Below are the five best free mobile app design templates that you can download for free in 2021.

1. Cryptocurrency Wallet App 

cryptocurrency walletcryptocurrency walletcryptocurrency wallet

This cryptocurrency app UI design is modern and eye-catching. All the necessary pages needed for a cryptocurrency app are included with this UI kit, such as profile pages, candlestick charts, and your crypto wallet screens.

2. Atom Design UI Kit

This free UI kit features over 60 screens that will work best for eCommerce apps. Each screen is fully customizable and layered and grouped in Sketch App. This UI kit can be used to fit either Android or iOS apps.

3. Android GUI template

The Android GUI template will give you a great starting point for your next Android app project. The template comes with nine different screens for you to start from and customize. 

4. Ecommerce Product Page

Ecommerce product pageEcommerce product pageEcommerce product page

If you need a well-designed product page, then this eCommerce design template will work for you. Whatever product you are selling, you can use this template to highlight your product's best qualities.

5. Game App UI

If you will be charging for your game app, then this minimal game UI design template includes multiple screens for purchasing games. The UI kit features a black background with a trendy-looking layout. 

Discover More Great Mobile Apps & Tools for 2021

While the mobile apps and tools mentioned above are some of the best available for 2021, they may not be what your app needs at this point. 

If none of the apps and tools mentioned seem to work for your next app, then be sure to check out our other articles, which contain many more high-quality mobile apps and tools for you to download:

Download a Premium Mobile App Template Now!

Don't waste any more time and money hiring expensive developers or trying to create a mobile app from scratch. CodeCanyon gives you access to a huge library of high-quality mobile apps and tools for all types of applications.

Whether you are looking to create an eCommerce app, food ordering app, or gaming app, CodeCanyon has the tools necessary for you to start the app creation process with a professional template and UI kit. 

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