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The Best Place for Mobile Developers to Get Design Work Done

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Envato (the people behind Mobiletuts+) have recently launched a new service, currently in beta, called Microlancer. It’s a place where people can sell their design services, or get design work done for a fixed price.

Making great apps takes years to master, leaving little time left over to get really good at design. And yet, app developers regularly need to get design work done for things like:

Most of the time, the existing solution is less than ideal:

  • Do it yourself - not being a professional designer or artist, the results aren’t always great
  • Ask a friend - as we’ve all experienced at one time or another, working with friends can be a bad idea, especially when you have a firm deadline that needs to be met
  • Work with a designer you found - sometimes this works out great, but other times it can be expensive and frustrating with results that don’t match your vision

We created Microlancer because we think there’s a much better way to get this kind of design work done.

How Microlancer Helps

Microlancer brings together hundreds of skilled and affordable designers whose services can be browsed in a shop-like format, each service offered for a fixed price. You can view examples of service providers’ previous work, and browse services by the category most relevant to you (for example, Mobile App Icon Design).

The turnaround time and number of changes/revisions included in the price are stated upfront for each service. The designer must stick to these promises, or you’ll be eligible for a full refund.

Though Microlancer jobs generally go smoothly, a dispute resolution process is always available. In these cases, a trained staff member will step in to fairly resolve any disagreements that arise. We want unwinnable battles with contractors to be a thing of the past.

Microlancer aims to make it fun and easy to work with affordable, talented designers and artists on small projects.

It’s Easy to Find What You're Looking For

Looking for the perfect freelancer to do exactly the work you need done can be a time-consuming challenge. We often end up settling for freelancers who aren’t quite the perfect fit, simply because we don’t have time to look any further.

Microlancer uses search, descriptively named categories and visual previews of work to make it extremely simple to find exactly what you’re looking for.

What’s Next?

Microlancer is currently in beta and, to start with, is focusing exclusively on design services. Next, we’ll be opening up HTML, CSS and WordPress services for both purchase and sale. If you’ve got design covered but need some simple, affordable help with your website, stay tuned for news on this. The best way to keep up to date with new features, categories and developments is to like Microlancer on Facebook or get updates on Twitter.

If you haven’t already, take 2 minutes to check out Microlancer, the newest service by Envato.

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