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The Battle Wages on with 5 New Screencasts


Each day this week, we'll post five of the top twenty-five videos from the Nettuts+/Screenr competition. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to review these short web development video tips and choose your favorite one in the poll below. How should you judge? Quite simply - there are no rules! Pick the one that helped you the most. The most chosen video each day will earn a spot in the top five at the end of the week!

As we move into the third day of this screencast competition, we have new entries on topics ranging from querying WordPress to submitting forms with Mootools to using custom fonts with CSS!

1. Submitting a Form with Mootools

2. How to Add Custom Thumbnails to Your WordPress Posts

3. How to Parse XML in PHP Using SimpleXML

4. How to Query WordPress

5. Custom Fonts Across all Browsers Using CSS

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