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Take Your Skills to the Next Level, Build Your Own Plugins

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There are only a few Early Bird tickets left for our fantastic new workshop led by Instructor Tom McFarlin: Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development

Are you an aspiring WordPress developer? Are you ready to take the next step and start building your own custom plugins for WordPress? Our newest Tuts+ Live Workshop is the perfect way to get started!

Tom is going to teach you how to write a WordPress plugin that connects to the API in order to implement an alternative URL shortner to the built-in shortner.

The goal of the plugin is to demonstrate:

  • How to write an object-oriented based plugin.
  • How to interface with a third-party API.
  • How to introduce a custom meta box.
  • How to perform input validation and sanitization.
  • Early Bird tickets are half-price at only $49, but places are strictly limited so act fast to make sure you don’t miss out!

    Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development

    Our newest Tuts+ Live Workshop, Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development, teaches you everything that you need to know to start developing WordPress plugins; from setting up a local development environment, all the way through to building a WordPress plugin that's ready for release into the WordPress Plugin Repository.

    It's led by Instructor Tom McFarlin, a self-employed WordPress developer who divides his time between running his own WordPress development shop, building plugins for WordPress, blogging every day about software development in the context of WordPress, and working for 8BIT (the team responsible for Standard Theme and WP Daily).

    Each weekly workshop will last one hour, running over a five week period. You'll have the opportunity to follow along with Tom, ask questions live during the workshop, and complete a weekly homework assignment. Not able to make it to the live recording? No problem! All of the workshop recordings will be made available online the day after the live workshop.

    Learn more about Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development

    Grab an Early Bird Ticket Now!

    We’re offering a special Early Bird price of $49, but these tickets are limited. Once the Early Bird tickets have disappeared, the workshop will be $99.

    If you’re interested in future workshops then definitely join the Tuts+ Live Workshops mailing list to stay posted on upcoming workshops and get notified as soon as they’re available, the Early Bird tickets for our previous workshops have all sold out, so it’s worth getting ahead of the game!

    We’re really excited about new workshop, Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development, but places are strictly limited so act fast to make sure you don’t miss out!

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