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Shopping Cart and Email Marketing Software From Interspire: Winners Announced

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A few weeks ago, Interspire offered over $5000 worth of software to one lucky Nettuts+ reader. Not only have they made their choice, but they're also giving away three additional prizes to three lucky readers right now! Without further ado, the winner is....

Congratulations, Jay Callaghan!

Winning TweetWinning TweetWinning Tweet

You've won the following:

  1. Interspire Shopping Cart Ultimate: $1,795
  2. Interspire Email Marketer 10 User: $995
  3. Interspire Website Publisher Enterprise: $695
  4. Interspire Knowledge Manager Enterprise: $1,995

Don't Fret if you weren't Chosen!

Interspire is also awarding a Bronze store at BigCommerce to the first three (real) comments on this page! Quick...leave a comment!

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