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September Facebook Fan Bonus Now Available!

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Fans of the Activetuts+ Facebook page can access a new bonus tutorial, this month covering Flash's underrated Graphic symbol!


I first began using Flash since version MX. And through all the enhancements and added features in every release, one thing that has remained constant is the graphic symbol. But what has also remained constant, surprisingly enough, is how many Flash users don't know what the graphic symbol actually does. Somewhere along the line, this symbol has received a bad rap as being totally useless.

I can't tell you how many articles and tutorials I have come across on how to use symbols in Flash that immediately dismiss the graphic symbol as having no practical purpose, relegating it as just a step above grouping items. This article will attempt to dispel this myth by showing that the graphic symbol actually has some pretty cool and convenient features and knowing how and when to utilize them is a nice tool to have when you're creating animations in Flash.

So if you ever wondered what exactly the purpose of the graphic symbol is and why the heck Adobe continues to keep it in Flash, this article is for you.

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