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Sell your PHP and Javascript on ThemeForest

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In the year since we first announced ThemeForest right here on Nettuts+ the marketplace has grown like gangbusters. Even in the middle of the recession sales on the site have been racing along. In fact we've had one top selling author pulling in earnings of over $2,000 a week! Sure only a few very dedicated and talented people get up to that level, but hey it shows what's possible!

Three weeks ago Jeffrey put together a brand new pair of categories to open up on ThemeForest to allow our community to sell PHP Scripts and Javascript Scripts. In the 20 days since we've seen some very strong sales in both categories, particularly PHP.

So today I'm writing to invite Nettuts+ PHP and Javascript devs with some spare time and some killer scripts to come on over and check out how sales have been going in the short time the categories have been up!

A Couple of Popular Items So Far

  1. ClientWorks - A Client Manager
  2. PHP Event Calendar
  3. PayPal Payment Terminal
  4. Quick and Easy File Hosting Script
  5. Invoicing System
  6. Smooth JS Calendar Component
  7. Killer Accordion Script
  8. And lots more PHP & JS ....

Meanwhiles ... Seen Admin Skins Lately?

One of the most enduringly popular areas on ThemeForest, particularly for developers has been our Admin Skins category, these are generic themes for back end projects like CMS's and admin interfaces. We've posted about this before on Nettuts+, but in case you haven't seen the latest awesome work being added, take a look at these beauties:

And there are many more. So if you haven't been to ThemeForest lately, stop by, check out some of the the awesome WordPress themes and HTML Templates as well as our new PHP Scripts and Javascript Components categories!

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