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Screencast Week!

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After three weeks, I'm proud to announce the winners of our first ever screencast competition! We received dozens of fantastic submissions. Though tough, I was able to narrow the list down to the top five. Over the course of this week, be prepared for video training on subjects ranging from jQuery to Django! Congratulations to the five winners, and be sure to check in on Friday (Saturday for some) to view the 1st place tutorial!

Screencast WinnersScreencast WinnersScreencast Winners

What Was Most Important When Deciding?

Some of the videos you'll see this week have extra noise and hiss. However, that didn't count against the authors. This was a competition for web developers, not screencasters. More than anything, I asked myself, "Have I learned anything from this tutorial?". Having said that, let's get on with the show!

The Week, in a Nutshell

The first screencast will be posted tomorrow!

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