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Say Hello to the All-New Wptuts+ (And Win WordPress Goodies)!

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I'm incredibly excited to let you know about the latest addition to the ever-expanding Tuts+ networkWptuts+! Focusing on everything WordPress, the site will be bringing you top-notch tutorials on developing WordPress themes, plugins and widgets, scaling your site, the business of selling WordPress themes, and general advice on how to become an expert at using the platform!

Whether you've always wanted to learn more about WordPress (but never known where to start), or are a seasoned expert looking for advanced tips and tricks, Wptuts+ has you covered. Read on to find out more, meet our expert editor, and hear about how to win $1,000+ of WordPress goodies!

WordPress Tutorials, Tips and Advice

WordPress Tutorials, Tips and AdviceWordPress Tutorials, Tips and AdviceWordPress Tutorials, Tips and Advice

Wptuts+ will provide the amazing quality of tutorials you've come to expect from Tuts+, focused toward teaching you everything you need to become a WordPress expert. We have some fantastic content in the works, and you can subscribe in the following ways to ensure you don't miss out!

After working as the editor of Webdesigntuts+ for the past few months, your editor — Brandon Jones — will be moving over to share his incredible wealth of WordPress knowledge on Wptuts+!

Brandon Jones is currently the third highest-selling author on ThemeForest, Envato’s marketplace for buying and selling website themes. He couldn’t be more qualified to head up Wptuts+, and I hope you’re looking forward to receiving tips from one of the most successful WordPress developers we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

$1,200 of Prizes and Goodies Up For Grabs!

To celebrate the launch of our latest Tuts+ site, we’ve organised a fantastic giveaway with some brilliant prizes for anyone who loves WordPress! With a total value of over $1,200, it’s a fantastic collection of resources and subscriptions. Check out the full details, and take part in the contest!

Finally, if you have any feedback or ideas for Wptuts+, we'd love to hear them. Head over to the site and let us know what you'd like to see!

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