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Reader's Poll: Should we do regular bug hunts?


We recently had our very first bug hunt. A simple WordPress related code snippet with 10 hidden bugs. We thought it was fun, but did you? And if so, would you like to do it again? Your answers to this poll will tell us.

The Poll

Introducing Bug Hunts

Bug hunts are a fun way to flex our coding muscles, a great way to learn examples of good coding practices, and test ourselves.

Using Gists on GitHub seemed to be a good way to allow everyone to participate. We can get conversation going, and everyone can fork the Gist and work through it on their own if they want to, or just keep the code snippet as something to come back to later!

What Do You Think?

In addition to your answers in the poll above, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments if you have suggestions on how we could do a better bug hunt next time!

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