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Quick Tip: Versioning Your Files With Dropbox (via Webdesigntuts+)

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Ian Yates of Webdesigntuts+ has posted a great Quick Tip explaining how you can use Dropbox or Google Drive as a simple, automated version control system. It's worth checking out for web app and game developers too, so check it out below.


Having a version history of your graphics documents may save you from that awful moment when you realize you’ve scrubbed over a crucial stage of the design process. Thanks to Dropbox, you may already be storing versions of your work without even having noticed...

Dropbox is like a time machine. It keeps snapshots of every change in your Dropbox folder over the last 30 days.

Version History in the Cloud

Remember, both Dropbox and Google Drive will keep snapshots of your files for just 30 days, unless you upgrade your account. You can read more of what Google has to say on the matter at support.google.com, or head on over to Dropbox Help to read up on their “Pack-Rat” pro feature (which gives you indefinite history storage).

Useful Resources

  • Sign up for Dropbox if you haven’t already!
  • Sign up for Google Drive
  • Pixelapse - "Visual version control done right".
  • Layervault - "Unlimited storage, simple version control, team collaboration, and much more".
  • Microsoft SkyDrive
  • SugarSync - "..keeps the previous five versions of all your documents."
  • iDriveSync - "Protect yourself from 'digital accidents' with versioning and unlimited file retention"

And don't forget, you can view all the latest articles from across the Tuts+ network at the Tuts+ Hub!

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