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Quick Tip: After the Content - Disclaimer

This post is part of a series called After the Content.
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Does your content get scraped by others? Do people without common sense post your content without attribution? Maybe that's because you -kind of- let them.

In this post, we're going to see why and how should you include a little "disclaimer" in your posts.

"Disclaimer" to Warn or Inform Nicely

There are still some people left who think that "borrowing" a post without attribution is OK. Believe it or not, displaying a disclaimer is actually effective for them ... if their intentions are good.

If you're going to put a disclaimer under the post, it's better to leave a friendly note instead of a dark warning. People tend to react to warm messages instead of cold "notices."

Something like this would suffice:

You could add this right after the content, or after other elements like the author info box or the "Share This" section - as long as it's noticable, it's fine.

Tip: You can also use it outside The Loop because we didn't use the the_permalink() function and used echo get_permalink( $post->ID ) instead.

As I said, if the person who wants to "borrow" your post is right minded, they wouldn't mind placing a link under (or above) the content to attribute to you, when they see this kind note. Plus, it kind of looks more professional (if you consider it important to look that way).

For the ill minded, unfortunately, we can't do much. That said, we can trick them to include a reference to our website automatically. Check out WPBeginner's post: "How To Add a Read More Link to Copied Text in WordPress"


Yes, content may be "king" but a lonely king is a weak king, and people might not respect that "king".

Do you think we can do more with this section? Please comment and share your ideas!

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