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Quick Roundup: Awesome Flash Facebook Templates!


Flash Facebook templates for tarting up fan pages are flying off the ActiveDen shelves at the moment! What better way to flaunt your company, product, service, hero or worthy cause on Facebook, than with a bit of Flash magic? Check out this Quick Roundup of files which can help you do just that..

Don't Hate Me

I'm going to be perfectly clear about this (Collis will tell you why!) This is a promotional Marketplace roundup; its purpose is to build awareness of the awesome files we have on offer. Posting these roundups helps us keep the business wheels turning and allows the community to continue learning and earning with Envato!

1: Fan Page YouTube Player

Author: OXYLUS
See the demo on Facebook

Facebook Fan Page YouTube Player AS3

This is a YouTube video player, especially created to fit inside any Facebook fan page tab. It is easily customizable through the XML settings. Add unlimited number of videos. It can be used as a stand-alone youtube player as well.

2: Translucent - Fan Page Template

Author: VF
See the demo on Facebook

Translucent - Facebook Fan Page Template

This is a Flash Template prepared for Facebook’s Fan Page Tab. Editable through single XML file and no Flash authoring skills needed to customize / update data. Just inserting your image for background and choosing right Text Color can bring expected feel and uniqueness to the page. Supports dimensions up to 520px wide and unlimited height.

3: Book - Fan Page Theme

Author: V4
See the demo on Facebook

Book – Facebook Fan Page Themes/RSS/Ken Burns/XML

This template is built to fit in perfectly in your Facebook’s Fan Page Tab and uses Flash technology to do things FBML and HTML are not able to. 500 million Facebook users are waiting to get impressed by your page :)

4: Creative Fanpage Template

Author: damojo
See the demo on Facebook

Creative Facebook Fanpage Template

Facebook has changed the way fan pages work and how tabs are integrated. This file already includes everything you need in order to create a fan page using this new system including a detailed facebook integration guide.

And the Rest..

Head on over the ActiveDen and check out what else is on offer in the Facebook Template category!

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