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Quick Interview: HFUG Manager John Barrett


To wrap up our Quick Tip Week on Activetuts+ I invited Hawaii Flash User Group Manager John Barrett to participate in a quick interview. A really quick interview..

John Barrett is a ColdFusion & Flash Developer at the University of Hawaii. He also manages the Adobe Hawaii Flash User Group and when not busy with work can be found surfing on the North shore.

Q Hi John, what prompted you to start the Hawaii Flash User Group?

I started the Hawaii Flash User Group (HFUG) in 2009, as I felt there was a void which needed filling. At that time there were no Adobe User Groups which met regularly here in Honolulu.

My plan was to create a place where local Flash designers and developers could meet to to discuss the Flash platform.

In time I noticed that plenty of people from outside of Hawaii were joining the group. I then started to host all events online so no-one would miss out on meetings, even if they were not physically in Honolulu.

Hawaii Flash User Group

Come Along!

The Hawaii Flash User Group is open to all and regularly holds online seminars from Adobe Community Professionals. Check out the site for more information.

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