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Quick Freebie: Lip Sync Assets

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Lip synching is the process of animating an illustrated character's mouth to match its voice, creating the illusion that it is talking. This month, to tie in with our Quick Tip Week, we have a Quick Freebie from Santiago Degetau; a set of cartoon mouth graphics which you can use in your own projects to create speaking characters! Read on to find out more...

How to Use the Assets in Your Flash Project

First, download the zip file, and extract it to your hard drive.

Then, import the graphics into Flash: click File | Import | Import to Library, browse to the folder where you extracted the zip file and then to either the AI or EPS sub-folder (I'll use AI, the Adobe Illustrator Format), select all the files, and click Open.

Flash Lip Sync assetsFlash Lip Sync assetsFlash Lip Sync assets

The default options are fine, so just keep clicking OK for every window that appears.

Flash Lip Sync assetsFlash Lip Sync assetsFlash Lip Sync assets

Tada! The assets are now in your Library:

Flash Lip Sync assets

As you can see, there are eight graphics. Each one corresponds to one or more manners of articulation -- or, put more simply, one or more "letter sounds" -- as indicated by its name. All you have to do is match the graphics to the sound track.

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