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Quick Fire with Jeffrey Zeldman

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Read Time: 3 mins

If there is such thing as a "legend" in our industry, Jeffrey Zeldman just might be it. He was literally one of the first designers for the web. You could even refer to him as the blueprint. He's written a ridiculously successful book, Designing With Web Standards", co-founded the "Web Standards Project", and publishes "A List Apart". Today, we have a quick fire interview with him. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have, via the comments.


The Interview

What state do you live in?

New York

Favorite food?

Thai (pescetarian)

Current job title?

Founder, executive creative director

Any new book in the works?

Shhh! Designing With Web Standards, 3rd Edition.

Favorite web dev book that you didn't write?


CMS of choice?

We keep choosing ExpressionEngine.

Favorite Javascript library, if any?

Don't use 'em.

Framework of choice?

None of 'em. The day someone writes a CSS framework that works for *my* design jobs
is the day someone else will write a COPY framework that creates all necessary content
for all our clients.

CSS Resets: Good or bad?

Necessary, although the best way to use them is the way Eric Meyer advises -- as
a combination reset and project framework. For instance, if you know that you want
your line-height to be 1.4 throughout the site, include that in the "reset." Don't
reset to 1 and then re-reset to 1.4.

Your life pet peeve?

I've been living under George Bush for nearly eight years. "Pet peeve" doesn't cover


Your web dev pet peeve?

13-year-old arguments (e.g. liquid vs. fixed width) that will never be resolved
because the right answer is, it depends on the project.

Most fulfilling experience as as designer?

Getting browsers to support web standards.

What did you do before becoming a designer/writer?

I failed at music, journalism, and advertising.

Web technology that you're most excited about?

HTML and CSS are still the ones to beat.

When is the next "An Event Apart" conference?

We held four shows this year. The final show will be held in Chicago on October 13-14.

An Event Apart.comAn Event Apart.comAn Event Apart.com

Who will be speaking?

  1. Andy Clarke – Author, Transcending CSS
  2. Curt Cloninger – Author, Hot-Wiring Your Creative Process
  3. Jason Fried – 37signals
  4. Robert Hoekman Jr. – Author, Designing the Obvious
  5. Cameron Moll – Author, Mobile Web Design
  6. Sarah Nelson – Design Strategist, Adaptive Path
  7. Derek Powazek – Author, Design for Community
  8. Jeff Veen – Author, Art & Science of Web Design
  9. Rob Weychert – Co-author, Web Standards Creativity
  10. Jason Santa Maria – Designer, Happy Cog
  11. Eric Meyer – Author, CSS: The Definitive Guide
  12. Jeffrey Zeldman – Author, Designing With Web Standards 2nd Edition

How much will it cost?

If you order by September 15, the two days (including meals, swag, and party) are
$895. $795 if you order using discount code AEAZTF.

After the event concludes in October, what's next on your To-Do list?

Well, there's redesigning the site and structuring next year's shows. Plus client
projects and changes to A List Apart....

Jeffrey Zeldman

That should do it! Thank you so much for taking the time to be interviewed, Jeffrey!

SUPER! Thanks, Jeffrey!

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