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Q&A Session 2


Welcome to the second post in our new Question & Answer series, where Mobiletuts+ authors will be responding to questions posted in the comments section of tutorials on this site. In this Q&A session, Mark Hammonds answers questions left on Priyesh Patel's post "Configuring an iPhone App With Meta Tags," John Wang's post "iPhone SDK: Creating a Photo Gallery with Three20," and also on his own post, "Introduction to iPhone SDK Development."

Questions Answered:

Tutorial: Configuring an iPhone App With Meta Tags

Interesting to see that the icon is 57×57 [pixels]. I would have imagined that Apple would have set a new standard size after implementing the retina display on the iPhone 4. I know the application icons are bigger than that.
From: Jeff

Tutorial: Introduction to iPhone SDK Development

[Iʼm] having some trouble with “linking” the button with the actual button in the interface designer. Dragging a line on the label works just fine, but I can’t seem to grab the UIButton by dragging a line from the circle to the image.
From: Mike

Tutorial: iPhone SDK: Creating a Photo Gallery with Three20

How do I create [an NSObject] subclass?
From: Dylan

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