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Q&A Session 1

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Welcome to the first post in a new Question & Answer series, where Mobiletuts+ authors will be responding to questions posted in the comments section of tutorials on this site or e-mailed directly to the editor. In this Q&A session, Mark Hammonds answers questions left on Dan Walker's post "Learn Objective-C: Day 1" and also on his own post, "iPhone SDK: In-App Purchases."

Questions Answered:

Tutorial: Learn Objective-C: Day 1

"Iʼm new to Macs and got completely lost after the first sentence under ʻThe Basics.ʼ I couldnʼt find how to open an Objective-C file in Xcode or where the GCC is!"
From: Jason

Tutorial: iPhone SDK: In-App Purchases

"While testing In App Purchase we got ʻYour purhcase was Successful.ʼ Is it okay for uploading to the app store? To deliver the app to the user, do we have to write any code or will it be delivered automatically?"
From: Saktheeswaran

"Thanks for easily understandable tutorial. Is In-App Purchase available for an individual developer? (i.e. Do I need to set up a company?)"
From: Mike

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