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PHP Style Switcher (Free Marketplace File)


With a new month comes new free files from all of the Envato marketplaces. For all of May, you can download webfactory's awesome "PHP Style Switcher" for free from CodeCanyon.


  • absolutely no PHP editing needed!
  • 5 seconds, 3 step setup (see below)
  • created for designers
  • support for multiple CSS files in single HTML
  • ideal for showcasing your work with multiple color schemes
  • faster than JS based switching
  • unlike JS based switching not prone to bugs; doesn't interfeer with other JS code
  • extensive user-friendly documentation and examples

While You're On CodeCanyon...

Remember to check out the rest of the site. You can find a never-ending string of killer items for all your web development needs -- HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP -- we've got everything covered. WordPress plugins? iPhone app templates? Yep, we truly have everything covered.

Anyhow - enjoy the free item, and don't forget that all of our marketplaces offer a new free item every month! Be sure to hunt them down each month.

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