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Photoshop to HTML: Upcoming eBook from Nettuts and Rockable

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There's a reason why our various tutorials on slicing PSDs are consistently among the most popular articles on Nettuts. Every one of us, at one point or another, has needed to convert a PSD into a working website. The only problem is that, until you've gotten a few projects under your belt, it can be significantly confusing. As such, I was asked to prepare a book and video series that details the entire process from start to finish for Rockable Press.

1. What You'll Learn in this Book and Video Series

  1. Different methods for slicing a PSD.
  2. Create semantic mark-up, and learn how this HTML relates to the original PSD.
  3. How to utilize techniques, such as background replacement and sprite generation.
  4. Use custom fonts with Cufon font replacement.
  5. The differences between absolute and relative positioning.
  6. How to compensate for the dreaded Internet Explorer 6.
  7. Take advantage of advanced CSS3 features.
  8. How to take advantage of a variety of helpful browser extensions to expedite your coding.
  9. Utilize the jQuery library to add a touch of interactivity.
  10. And plenty more...

2. Accommodates All Learning Styles

What we'll be converting to a fully functioning html/css website
Over the course of the book, we'll build the fully functioning website, shown above.

Prefer the written word, perhaps even on your new iPad? If so, the immediately downloadable PDF can be viewed on your computer, or any of your eReaders. On the other hand, if you're more of a visual learner, like myself, and would prefer to have someone "sit next to you," so to speak, through the entire process, I've also included the book in video form, separated into a dozen chapters, where I slowly and succinctly explain each step.

3. Rockable Members Receive a Discount

Rockable Press

If you're not a Rockin' List member yet, why not? Did you know that, if you sign up (quick and free), you'll immediately receive Skellie's - our awesome Tuts manager - "Rockstar Personal Branding" mini-book for free?

Not only that, but when my book launches (very soon), you'll receive a discount on the book. Signup for the Rockin' List.

So if you're at the point in your learning where this would be helpful to you, I really do hope you'll consider picking up this ebook and highly in depth video series when it launches very soon!

Photoshop to HTML

In "Photoshop to HTML", Nettuts+ editor and author Jeffrey Way will take you through the entire process of converting a design from Photoshop into a complete HTML/CSS website! This book also comes with the completed demo site, which you're free to use as you wish in your own projects. But not only that, you also get an additional series of screencasts where Jeffrey covers the entire process from start to finish. So you have the choice of either reading or viewing!

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