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Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text: Free Course!

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I'm very happy to announce that Jeffrey Way's latest course is now out on Tuts+ Premium...and it's free for everyone! Jeffrey is a code editor addict, he's tried them all! He adopted Coda early on, fell in love with TextMate, and got infatuated with Vim. Until he discovered Sublime Text 2, which he says is the best code editor you can find today.

I'll demonstrate what I consider to be the perfect workflow.
~ Jeffrey Way

In this free course, Jeffrey demonstrates what he believe is the perfect workflow in Sublime Text 2. If you've watched any of Jeffrey's other courses, you'll know he doesn't skimp on the details. This course will cover everything from the basic core features, such as multiple cursors and the command palette, to the most popular and useful plugins you should try, to working with Sublime's build system.

If you've heard people extolling Sublime Text's virtues, but haven't yet dug into it yet for yourself, let Jeffrey convince you to finally make some time and give it a try.


Here's the full lesson outline for the course. Order's not important here, just jump straight to the parts that look exciting to you:

Exclusively on Tuts+ Premium

Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text

Tuts+ Premium is a service that provides top-tier training in the technologies that you're most interested in. Thinking about getting started with Backbone? We have courses on that. What about Node and Express? Yep. Or what about modern frameworks, like Laravel and FuelPHP? Of course!

Even better, whether you prefer the most popular books, visual training, or in depth tutorials, we have you covered.

So, if you enjoy this free course on Sublime Text, hopefully, you'll come by and say hi! Enjoy!

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