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Our First Ever Community Coworking Space: Chicago, June 7th 2014

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Envato Live Make Things Together Chicago 2014Envato Live Make Things Together Chicago 2014Envato Live Make Things Together Chicago 2014

The Tuts+ Head Office is based in Melbourne, however most of our editorial and instructor team work remotely, from all over the world. We meet via Skype, Google Hangout or Slack, and collaborate using Trello, Basecamp, and Google Documents.

This flexibility in approach is a huge part of our culture at Tuts+, and it opens up many opportunities for our team to work where it suits them best. Web Design Editor Ian Yates “went freelance” in 2007 after leaving an office job in Rotterdam, and now spends his time moving from one picturesque European location to another. David Appleyard (Tuts+ Editorial Manager) loves the flexibility and the benefits of never missing an Amazon Prime delivery. WordPress Editor Tom McFarlin prefers a quiet space in Atlanta, and the ability to spend time at home with his wife and kids.

That said, they all say that when you’re working remotely, it’s easy to get stuck in your own bubble. It’s important to set routines to get yourself in the right headspace for working productively, and to combat the physical isolation with other types of communication.

According to Google, the first mention of the phrase “coworking space” appeared in January of 2010, and it’s been on a meteoric rise since then. It’s a clever half-way point: the flexibility of a rent-a-desk setup, with the solidarity of managing your own workflow. The added bonus—an opportunity to socialise and network in-person, instead of online.

For Envato, encouraging this kind of flexibility and community has never been more important. Tuts+, the Envato Marketplaces and Envato Studio all have communities of makers, learners and doers who are spread all over the world.

That’s why on the 7th of June, Envato is taking over the Catalyst Ranch in Chicago, to run our first ever pop-up co-working space for the Tuts+, Marketplaces and Studio communities. If you’ve ever wanted to rub shoulders with an Envato Marketplaces elite author, meet Tuts+ Editorial Manager David Appleyard, or simply spend a day working and learning with like-minded creative people—this is your chance!

Tickets are still available, but you’ll have to get in quick. We hope to see you there! 

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