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Open Mike: Flex Guidelines


Do you follow the Flex SDK Coding Conventions? This is Open Mike, a series of discussion posts to throw the cat amongst the pigeons. These posts are all about you — we want to hear your opinions, ideas, and thoughts. This one's as straightforward as they come; one question, one poll, but a potentially huge discussion. Let’s hear what you have to say about the Flex SDK Coding Conventions.

Whenever discussions about AS3 coding conventions come up, someone inevitably links to the Flex SDK Coding Conventions.

That's fair enough; these were written by Adobe, and must be followed if writing code that's to be committed to the Flex SDK.

But -- as the document itself admits -- some of the standards are completely arbitrary. They're not necessarily going to be the best choice for every project. Or are they?

Do you follow the Flex SDK Coding Conventions in all of your projects?

Whatever your answer, let us know why. Is it because your team has strict rules on what to use? Do you have personal opinions about the Conventions that influence your decision? How could they be improved?

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