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November Facebook Fan Bonus Now Available!

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It's that time of month again! If you're a fan of the Activetuts+ Facebook page, you can now access a new bonus tutorial. In this month's Facebook Fan Bonus, you'll learn how to create a dynamic "Accordion" menu.

Final Result Preview

Here's a look at the type of menu you'll learn to build in the tutorial:

Obviously, in your own game, you'll add other elements to the menu's different screens.

As Tyler Seitz, the author, describes it:

When a user first opens up a Flash game, their initial impression is based upon the menu that they see. Unfortunately, many games' menus are dull, plain and static. This is terrible news! A lot of players will just close the game before even playing it, and move on to another. Don't let this happen to you!

Download This Fan Bonus Now!

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Not On Facebook?

Don't worry, the tutorial will be posted on Activetuts+ in a month's time!

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