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Note from the Editor


Hidey ho neighbors. I wanted to check in with you to let you know what we've got planned for the coming weeks. We're working on many new features to ensure that NETTUTS remains the best of the best.

A Few Things

  • Unique Tut Submissions. We're still looking! Please remember that we get dozens of submissions for, essentially, the same tutorial. If you have a unique angle, please submit it to us. We'll pay you $150. For example, David Walsh, just yesterday, sent in a great article. It will show you how to build a "Twitter-like" app. These are the sorts of articles that we're craving.

  • ASP.NET. I've felt for quite some time that little old ASP doesn't get the attention it deserves on this site. It's an extremely powerful framework that must be covered. I will see to it that it does. If this is your framework of choice, and you're an expert, please send in your tutorial. To bring those unfamiliar up to speed, I'd like to have a "Getting Started with ASP.NET from Scratch" tut. After that, maybe a couple of times a month, we'll have articles that go into much greater detail.

  • Teaching Concepts. Step by step tutorials are fantastic. However, learning the concepts are much more vital. Sporadically through out the week, I'll be introducing a new series of articles. Rather than the "Build a Fantastic ....." type of tutorial, these will focus on the fundamentals. For example, in ASP.NET's case, one article will be "Understanding LINQ". As always, please submit if you have an article prepared.

  • Learn PHP from Scratch This week will be concluded with two more articles. The first will be Part 2 of the popular "PHP from Scratch" series. This series will be continued on a regular basis from now on. On Friday, I'll be posting "Web Development Pet Peeves - As Voted By the Community". We even have four-five web-celebrity opinions! (Meyer, Zeldman, Croft, Snook, etc.)

  • If You Haven't Voted...Vote! Referring back to Friday's article, if you haven't already, please leave a comment with your own web dev pet peeve! I'll be sure to work it into the article.

  • Videos Rest assured that we are working on video screencasts. It is my hope that we'll run one high quality vid-tut per week. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Be Active Last, but surely not least, I want to ask everyone to support this site in any way that they can. If an article helped, please submit it to Digg, DZone, SU, etc. The larger we become, the more equipped we'll be to offer you the best tutorials available. Whether that means telling a friend, or posting a link on your blog, you can decide! Thank you so much.

P.S. What's in store for next week? How about an interview with Jeffrey Zeldman?! And have you looked at ThemeForest yet? Some people have already made over $1000 in the short time that the site has been live. Go check it out!

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