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New Symfony 2 Courses Available

If you want to learn about Symfony 2, you're in luck. We've published three new video courses covering this popular PHP framework in detail:

What You'll Learn

In this detailed set of three video courses, Tuts+ instructor Andrew Perkins will take you step by step through each stage of working with Symfony 2, from getting started with using the framework right through to building a CMS and beginning testing. 

Getting Started With Symfony 2

Getting Started With Symfony 2 is designed for first-time users of the framework, and will walk you through all its basic coding features. You'll learn everything you need to get started, such as bundles, templating with layouts, routing, building forms with validation, and how to build a full CRUD app with database interaction. By the end of the course, you'll have the fundamental skills necessary to use the Symfony 2 framework to build basic, database-driven web applications.

Build a CMS in Symfony 2

In Build a CMS in Symfony 2, you'll build a feature-packed content management system from scratch using the Symfony 2 PHP framework. Along the way you’ll cover a lot of different topics such as entity and CRUD generation, security bundle setup, entity relationships, full-on access control, working with multiple controllers, logging in and out, password hashing and building dynamic menus. 

Beginning Testing in Symfony 2

Our third course, Beginning Testing in Symfony 2, will take you through all you need to know to get started with testing. You'll learn about the basic concepts of functional and unit tests in the context of a Symfony 2 application with PHPUnit, before diving into some practical examples of testing in action. You’ll review the basics of testing by focusing on Unit and Functional Tests, and then you will examine a variety of assertion methods. You'll learn about traversing HTML elements, collecting HTML text and content, and testing forms and form data, and will also pick up plenty of other tips and tricks along the way.

Start Learning With a 14 Day Free Trial

You can take our new set of Symfony 2 courses straight away with a completely free 14 day trial of a Tuts+ subscription. Start your free 14 day trial today, to access these courses and hundreds of others.

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