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New Initiative: Nettuts+ Apps

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Have you ever been working on a coding project, and thought to yourself, "There must be an easy way to automate this repetitive task."? I know I have! That's why, here at Nettuts+, we've begun an initiative to release desktop apps that are tailor-made for web developers.

Nettuts+ Structurer Pro

Structurer allows you to rapidly create directory structures with ease.

  • Always find yourself manually creating the same files and directories? Not anymore.
  • Need to download the latest version of the CodeIgniter framework? Or how about WordPress? With Structurer, it can be done in two seconds!
  • Need to assign custom text to new files - for example, adding a base plugin snippet to a JavaScript file? That's a cinch in Structurer!

Windows User Instead?

In that case, Nettuts+ author, Jeremy McPeak, created a Windows version!

Blueprinter makes creating file system structures simple less time consuming.

Nettuts+ Builder

Nettuts+ Builder turns the process of compressing scripts and stylesheets, and uploading a project to your server into as simple a process as possible.

Let's say that you finished a coding project or demo. Simply drag the folder onto the Builder menu icon, and it will:

  • Create a new "Publish" directory
  • Compress all JavaScript files
  • Compress all Stylesheets
  • Optionally upload them, via FTP, to a designated folder on your server.

If you've found yourself manually compressing your files and uploading them to your server, this automates the entire process!

But We're Just Getting Started...

This is only the first step. In addition to some exciting updates to the two apps above, we'll also working on new apps for the community. I can't wait to show you them when they're ready! More importantly, though, I'd like to know what you would like us to build! What would save you time when coding?

I'm currently searching for a Windows app developer to create the counter-part to Nettuts+ Builder (and presumably future apps). If you're an independent developer, and have some samples, let me know in the comments, and I might hire you!

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