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New eBooks Available for Subscribers

Do you want to learn more about functional programming in JavaScript? How about Bootstrap for Rails, or KnockoutJS? Our latest batch of eBooks will teach you all you need to know about these topics and more.

Our latest collection of eBooksOur latest collection of eBooksOur latest collection of eBooks

What You'll Learn

In the past couple of months we've made 15 new eBooks available for Tuts+ subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights (for the full list, click here).

1. WooCommerce Cookbook

Explore the different ways an e-commerce store can be configured and select the best settings for your store, using the WooCommerce Cookbook. You'll get dozens of step-by-step recipes to configure all of the basic settings you need to open your store. You will then learn how to create products, help people navigate your store, set up shipping and payment methods, and more. 

Whether you're planning on building a WooCommerce site for yourself or for someone else, you can give yourself a 10-hour head start by reading this book.

2. Functional Programming in JavaScript

This is a fast-paced guide that will help you to write real-world applications by utilizing a wide range of functional techniques and styles.

Functional Programming in JavaScript first explores the core concepts of functional programming common to all functional languages, with examples of their use in JavaScript. It's followed by a comprehensive roundup of functional programming libraries for JavaScript. The book then rounds off with an overview of methods to effectively use and mix functional programming with object-oriented programming.

3. Django Design Patterns and Best Practices

Learning how to write better Django code to build more maintainable websites either takes a lot of experience or familiarity with various design patterns. Filled with several idiomatic Django patterns, Django Design Patterns and Best Practices accelerates your journey into the world of web development.

4. Go Programming Blueprints

Dive headfirst into solving actual enterprise problems and start cutting code from the word go. In Go Programming Blueprints, you will learn to build complete applications around a variety of subjects using a range of different technologies and techniques, all of which are directly applicable to today's tech start-up world.

5. Mastering jQuery UI

With browsers becoming more and more powerful each day, the jQuery UI library provides tools that can be used to create feature rich and interactive applications without bearing the pain of writing numerous lines of JavaScript.

Mastering jQuery UI will help you explore the depths of the jQuery UI library. Each chapter is an independent mini project in itself, covering different components from jQuery UI. You won't have to wait long to actually build something functional.

6. AngularJS Deployment Essentials

Whether you are brand new to deploying AngularJS applications or a seasoned veteran, AngularJS Deployment Essentials will provide you with the skills you need to optimally structure, develop, and deploy an AngularJS application.

You'll learn how to set up your development environment, select the tools that will make up your workflow, optimize your code for production environments, and deploy your application to the leading hosting environments. By sequentially working through the steps in each chapter, you will quickly master your deployment strategy to facilitate a bulletproof workflow. 

7. KnockoutJS Essentials

KnockoutJS Essentials gives you an insight into the best practices when designing and building web applications using the KnockoutJS framework. Packed with real-world tasks, this book starts with an introduction to the Knockout library, helping you make organizational and design decisions. You get a walk-through of the key concepts and terms that are common to development of Knockout applications. Finally, you will learn about the full-stack Knockout framework DurandalJS, which will give you all the tools you need to write complete single-page applications.

8. Bootstrap for Rails

Bootstrap for Rails is for Rails web developers who are struggling to get their website designs right. It will enable you to create beautiful, responsive websites in minutes without writing much CSS and JavaScript code.

The book starts by taking you through web application development in Rails. It teaches you how to set up the Bootstrap framework, and will showcase the true power of your Rails app using Bootstrap's grid system. You will learn about other Bootstrap components and move on to work with modals and carousels. It concludes with the opportunity to test your skills by creating a shopping cart using Bootstrap modals.

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