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New eBooks Available for Subscribers

Do you want to make the Internet of Things a reality in your home? We've got four new eBooks on the popular Arduino open-source electronics platform, along with five others on topics like Magento theme development, Git version control, Redis applied design patterns, and more.

New Tuts eBooks launched in January 2015

What You'll Learn

This month we've made nine new eBooks available for Tuts+ subscribers to download. Here are the details of what you can learn.

1. Git Version Control Cookbook

In the Git Version Control Cookbook, you'll get 90 "recipes" for increasing your productivity when using Git as a version control system. Starting with the Git data model, you will learn how Git stores files and how it looks at commits. You will then learn a wide variety of useful techniques, including how you can recover from mistakes, how you can automate the usual Git processes by utilizing the hook system built into Git, and how you can rewrite the history of a Git repository.

2. Internet of Things With the Arduino Yún

The Arduino Yún is the perfect place to get started with building IoT (Internet of Things) projects. This book covers many of the powerful features of the Arduino Yún via four exciting projects. You'll learn how to:

  • send weather measurements data to a Google Docs spreadsheet for easy online visualization
  • build an energy consumption meter and control devices remotely
  • build a camera that is triggered by motion and uploads pictures automatically to Dropbox
  • build a robot that is controlled via Wi-Fi

This book will teach everything you need to know to build complex projects using the Arduino Yún, focusing on the fields of home automation, security, and robotics.

3. Learning Magento Theme Development

In Learning Magento Theme Development, you'll learn how to build your own Magento store and broaden your customer reach. The book is a step-by-step guide to theming Magento 1.8, aimed at readers with little technical expertise. Starting with simple changes you can make to customize your store, from changing the logo and favicon to other simple configurable items, the book moves on to cover more in-depth theming techniques to help you build a Magento theme you can be proud of.

4. Arduino Home Automation Projects

This book shows you how to use the Arduino tiny microboard to live like a king. The first few projects comprise the basics of home automation, such as building a wireless motion sensor, controlling a lamp remotely, and building a Bluetooth temperature sensor. Then, this book dives into the Internet of Things, helping you get a clear understanding of how to send measured data to the cloud. The book will wrap up by showing you how to communicate and control an existing device and build your own home automation system.

5. Redis Applied Design Patterns

With new data stores making their way onto the market, businesses need to understand the features and techniques required to use data stores most effectively. Redis Applied Design Patterns is designed to guide you into the world of Redis and will help you understand how business problems can be solved using Redis in your application stack.

6. Web Development With MongoDB and Node.js

Node.js and MongoDB are quickly becoming the most popular technologies in the world of full-stack JavaScript development. Using these two technologies together, you can build web applications quickly and easily, and deploy them to the cloud with very little difficulty.

This book will enable you to leverage the key features of both MongoDB and Node.js in web and mobile app development. Starting with setting up your development environment, it will guide you through how to write your first Node.js web server application from scratch. Along the way, you will learn about best practices and common mistakes, while mastering the core concepts of web development.

7. Arduino Robotic Projects

Arduino Robotic Projects provides complete, step-by-step instructions that allow almost anyone to use this low-cost hardware platform. You'll build projects that can move using DC motors, walk using servo motors, and then add sensors to avoid barriers. You'll also learn how to add more complex navigational techniques such as GPRS so that your robot won't get lost.

8. R Graph Essentials

R has undergone an explosion of popularity around the world. R Graph Essentials starts with the basics of R and the principles of creating graphics, focusing on scatterplots and line graphs for research and data analysis. After that you will learn some more complex techniques, so that by the end of this book, you will have the expert skills necessary for creating attractive and informative graphics and designing professional-looking graphs.

9. Arduino Networking

Arduino is a powerful electronic prototyping platform used by over one million people around the world. The Arduino Ethernet shield is the perfect addition to the Arduino platform to get it connected to your local network and to the Web in minutes. This book covers several projects you can build using the Arduino Ethernet shield. 

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