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New Development Courses Available on Tuts+ Premium

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Tuts+ Premium courses teach you a single skill from top to bottom, inside out.

Currently, more than 15,000 members are sharpening their skills in web design, web development, Photoshop, vector design, video effects and much more. Our dedicated team adds new content weekly, so there’s always something fresh to sink your teeth into. Today, we’re highlighting a few of the latest and greatest course additions to Tuts+ Premium.

New Development Courses

Getting Good with Grunt

In both front-end and back-end projects, there are so many things to do besides the actual coding: there’s all the maintenance that a project requires: compilation, unit testing, linting, etc. You could do this manually, but you want to focus on the code, right? That’s why you’ll want to check out Grunt: it’s an automation tool that will do all that “boring” work for you!

SOLID Design Patterns

If you want to improve your development skills, then take this course. Through testing and examples, you’ll learn how to create beautiful, flexible, maintainable code that lasts longer.

PostgreSQL Essentials

This course will get you up to speed on using PostgreSQL databases. We will cover the command line tools, the PGAdmin GUI tool, the unique hstore extension, and much more. By the conclusion of this course, hopefully, you’ll feel confident to kick-start your own Postgres-based projects!

Acceptance Testing in Ruby with Cucumber

Developing software is unthinkable without tests, and Ruby makes it easy since it was built to be tested. Enter Cucumber. It is the de facto standard for acceptance testing in Ruby.

Tools of the Modern Web Developer

Are you just getting into web development, or would you like to hone your skills? In Tools of the Modern Developer, we discuss everything you need to polish and perfect your abilities.

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