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New Course: Vuex for Efficient Vue State Management

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Managing state in large web apps can be messy—and Vue.js is no exception. But the Vuex library can eliminate a lot of the headaches related to managing state in Vue apps. Learn how to use it in our new premium course for subscribers, Vuex for Efficient Vue State Management.

Vuex for Efficient Vue State ManagementVuex for Efficient Vue State ManagementVuex for Efficient Vue State Management

What You’ll Learn

In this course, Jeremy McPeak will teach you how to use Vuex to manage state in your Vue-powered applications. Follow along with this course and you’ll build a practical to-do list app, and learn how to use Vuex for state along the way.

You'll start with basic concepts and tracking simple state with Vuex. Then you'll go on to changing the state with mutations and actions, before tackling advanced topics like getters and modules. So follow along and you'll get a complete introduction to Vuex.

Here are a couple of free lessons from this course, as a preview of what you can expect:

Committing Mutations to Change State

In this video from halfway through the course, you'll add a form to create to-do items and add them to the state by creating a mutation and committing it.

Using Actions for Asynchronous Processes

Mutations are synchronous, and it makes sense to keep them that way. So in this video, you will create a Vuex action to perform async operations that commit mutations.

Take the Course

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