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New Short Course: React State Management With MobX

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What You'll Be Creating

If you're a JavaScript developer who wants to learn more about managing state in React, try our new short course, React State Management With MobX.

What You’ll Learn

In this short course of just half an hour, Envato Tuts+ instructor Pavan Podila will teach you all about MobX, a reactive state-management library. 

Core concepts of state management in React

Follow along as Pavan builds a series of example apps in React, showing how MobX simplifies state management and makes it easy to code reactive apps.

Watch the Introduction


Take the Course

You can take our new course straight away with a free 10-day trial of our monthly subscription. If you decide to continue, it costs just $15 a month, and you’ll get access to hundreds of courses, with new ones added every week.

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